• What is Automation Testing - Advantages & Types of Tools
  • What is Selenium IDE, Selenium RC, Selenium WebDriver, Selenium Grid?
  • Selenium IDE, Firebug & Firepath Installation


  • Selenium WebDriver Architecture
  • Selenium Installation
  • Challenges and Limitations of Selenium
  • First Selenium WebDriver Script
  • Working with Firefox Browser
  • Solution - Failed To Launch Browser Using Selenium WebDriver
  • Working with Chrome Browser
  • Working with IE Browser
  • Difference Between FindElement & FindElements
  • Install Firebug, Fire path and other add on for Selenium
  • Locators in Selenium
  • Dynamic Xpath
  • Dynamic CSS
  • Handle drop-downs
  • How to work with file upload
  • Handle Alerts & Popups
  • Handle Multiple Windows
  • Mouse Hover event in Selenium
  • Right Click
  • Double Click
  • Drag and Drop
  • Capture Screenshots in Selenium
  • Parameterization
  • Synchronization
  • Implicit Wait, Explicit Wait and Fluent Wait in Selenium
  • Implicit Waits
  • Explicit WebDriver Waits
  • Fluent Wait In Selenium
  • Apache POI
  • How To Read Data From Excel File
  • How To Write Data In Excel File
  • Database Testing Using MSSQL
  • Database Testing Using MySQL
  • Database Testing Using DB2
  • Handle Ajax Call in Selenium
  • Listeners in Selenium
  • Handling JavaScript in Selenium
  • Stale Element Reference Exception in Selenium
  • Integrate Sikuli with Selenium
  • Headless Browser Testing 
  • Headless Browser Testing using HtmlUnitDriver
  • Headless Browser Testing using PhanthomJSDriver


  • TestNG Installation
  • TestNG Complete Tutorial


  • Extent Reports Introduction
  • Extent Reports Generation
  • Capturing Screenshots & Including In Extent Reports
  • Extent Reports Version 4


  • ANT Build Tool - How To Download & Install
  • Maven Build Tool - How To Download & Install
  • Creating Maven Selenium Project
  • GIT Integration with Selenium
  • Jenkins - How To Download & Install
  • Jenkins - Executing TestNG Scripts
  • Jenkins - Generating Reports After Test Execution
  • Jenkins - Executing Maven Project
  • Create build and Execute build for nightly execution
  • Send Email report based on build Status
  • Selenium Continuous Integration with Jenkins [Selenium – Maven – Git – Jenkins] – Step By Step Guide


  • Running Selenium Tests On BrowserStack
  • Kobiton - Mobile Testing Platform with Real Devices


  • Mobile Testing Platform with Real Devices


  • What is Framework & Types of Framework
  • Page Object Model Design Pattern
  • Data Driven Framework
  • How to explain Test Automation Framework or Selenium Automation Framework Architecture In Interview

  • API Testing:

  • Learn API Testing
  • Postman Tutorial (API Testing with Postman)


  • Test Automation Framework Interview Questions
  • Selenium Interview Questions
  • TestNG Interview Questions
  • Java Interview Questions
  • Python Interview Questions
  • API Testing Interview Questions


  • Automation Tester Resume
  • Selenium Tutorial – Best Free Selenium Training Tutorial | Beginner To Advanced Level

    Selenium Tutorial

    Selenium is one of the automation testing tools which is an open-source tool. Selenium automates web application. In this Free Selenium training tutorial, we cover all Selenium concepts (basic selenium scripts to the advanced testing framework) in detail with easy to understand practical examples. This Selenium Tutorial is helpful for beginners to advanced level users who want to learn selenium or learn automation.

    Selenium Tutorial

    Why This Selenium WebDriver Tutorial?
    In this Selenium Web Driver Tutorial, you will learn how to work with the selenium to create automated test scripts (selenium scripts) for any Web Browser applications and how to create your own framework.

    What are the prerequisites?

    Learn – Java for beginners

    Who is the targeted audience of this Selenium Tutorial?
    Software Testers, QA Engineers

    Selenium Tutorial – Table of Content:









    API Testing:



    Please feel free to share this Selenium Tutorial to help as many people as possible!

    If you found that we missed out on any selenium automation topics, please let us know in the comments section below. We will include those Selenium concepts in our Free Selenium WebDriver Tutorial. You could also explore more about Selenium on its official website.

    If you want to learn Selenium online, you can contact us for Selenium Online Training.

    Other Tutorials:

    Manual Testing Tutorial

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    1. ‘Synchronization’ link is not working. After clicking on it it opens the next topic i.e- Waits & its types

      Could plz check once.

      • Hi Bharat, Synchronization is to sync between an application under test and test automation tool. For Synchronization, we use three types of waits in Selenium. I have placed the same link for both the topics is just because if someone has knowledge on QTP they could easily identify the waits concept in Selenium using the term Synchronization. Anyway, I will elaborate this post by giving more examples about synchronization in coming days. Keep visiting. If you have any queries, please feel free to comment.

        • Hi Raj Kumar, recently I found your site while searching for selenium concepts, the site contains very good content for the testers.

          Can you please provide some concepts for SOAP and REST services automation with groovy scripting.

          • Hi Sambasivan.. we will do those in coming days.. keep visiting.

    2. I have a question . How do we perform regression testing using selenium?

      Thanks in advance

      • Pickup test scripts for regression testing and execute them whenever necessary.

    3. Thanks for your response Rajkumar.

      Could you please give us more detailed answers. what tools are needed to execute selected test scripts for regression testing ? I have been doing research on how it is done regression testing using selenium, but still could not find detailed infos yet. Some are saying that regression testing not possible with selenium.

      How do you execute selected test scripts for regression ? From your own experience can you give us some info.


    4. Hi Rajkumar,

      Explanation given on this site is very easy to understand for beginners. Can u please post concepts on Core Java.

    5. Hi Rajkumar,

      I have a question is it possible to do Performance testing of Jasper reports using selenium Webdriver. Need to Record time taken to run report till the last record is displayed.


      • Hi Ram, I didnt try that. If any luck, pls try to answer here on how you achieved it. If you want to write a guest post on this, you can send your post I will review and post it.

        • Thanks a lot Rajkumar for making stm website. Informations r easy to understand and feels helpful for testing knowledge growth.

          • Thanks Ajay. Please share about this blog with your friends too.

    6. HI Rajkumar,

      I really like to read your Software Testing Blog it is very helpful and clear but I want to give you suggestion can you create an app for this content and upload it on Google Play store as it will be very handy and synchronized for reading concepts.

      Will be waiting for your app 🙂

      • Hi Srilata, sure we will try to launch one..

    7. Lovely Website.

      Extremely helpful!!

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