• VBScript for Automation (QTP/UFT) Testing

    VBScript is a scripting language to write QTP/UFT scripts. This series covers almost all the topics of Visual Basic Script to write QTP/UFT scripts.


    VBScript Table of content:

    1. Introduction
    2. Prerequisites
    3. General Information
    4. Data Types
    5. Variables
    6. Operators – Arithmetic, Relationship, Logical & Special
    7. Conversion functions
    8. Condition Statements
    9. Loops Statements
    10. Procedures – Sub Routine & Functions
    11. Arrays – Static and Dynamic
    12. String Functions
    13. Date & time
    14. How to handle Excel files
    15. How to handle Files & Folders (File System Object)


    VBScript Series:

    VB Script for Automation (QTP/UFT) Testing – Part 1

    VB Script for Automation (QTP/UFT) Testing – Part 2

    VB Script for Automation (QTP/UFT) Testing – Part 3

    VB Script for Automation (QTP/UFT) Testing – Part 4

    VB Script for Automation (QTP/UFT) Testing – Part 5

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    Rajkumar SM

    1 thought on “VBScript for Automation (QTP/UFT) Testing”

    1. Hi i am automating a VB application,.Theer is some text placed in a VBframe.Object spy does nto identify those test.But in need to identofy that.Could anyone please help

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