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TestNG Tutorial – Complete Guide

In this TestNG Tutorial, you will learn how to work with the TestNG and implement it while working with Selenium. Check this to learn Selenium Tutorial for Free

What is TestNG?
TestNG is a testing framework designed to simplify a broad range of testing needs, from unit testing to integration testing. TestNG is a testing framework inspired from JUnit and NUnit. It has more functionalities compared to JUnit and NUnit and it makes more powerful and easier to use.

Who is the targeted audience of this TestNG Tutorial?
This tutorial is designed for Software Testers, QA Engineers interested in learning the features of TestNG Framework in simple and easy steps.

TestNG Video Tutorial:
Few people think that video learning is better than reading a blog post. If you are one here is the video tutorial.

This TestNG Tutorial covers the following topics in detail with examples. You could also find videos on the following TestNG topics.

  1. TestNG Introduction
  2. TestNG Annotations And Benefits
  3. To Create TestNG.xml file
  4. Ignore Tests in TestNG
  5. Skip Test In TestNG
  6. Groups
  7. Exception
  8. Dependencies
  9. Parameterized Tests Using XML
  10. Parameterized Tests Using DataProviders
  11. Parallel Execution in TestNG
  12. Asserts
  13. Soft Assert
  14. Listeners
  15. IRetryAnalyzer – How To Run Failed Test Cases
  16. TestNG Reports
  17. How To Run TestNG Using Command Prompt
  18. TestNG Interview Questions

Here is the Official Website of TestNG

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