Best Regression Testing Tools in 2021

In this post, I am going to list some best Regression testing tools for automated regression testing. It contains both paid and open source free regression testing tools. These regression tools make sure the smooth running of regression test cases and save a lot of time in test execution. I am so excited to bring these popular regression testing tools before you.

Best Regression Testing Tools

What is Regression testing?

Repeated testing of an already tested program, after modification, to discover any defects introduced or uncovered as a result of the changes in the software being tested or in another related or unrelated software components.

In simple words, We do regression testing by re-executing the tests against the modified application to evaluate whether the modified code breaks anything which was working earlier. Anytime we do modify an application, we should do regression testing (we run regression test).

Regression Testing Complete Guide

Most Popular Regression Testing Tools

Here are some of the popular regression testing tools which are popular among Regression Testers.

  1. Ranorex Studio
  2. Selenium
  3. Watir
  4. SahiPro
  5. TestComplete
  6. IBM Rational Functional Tester
  7. Silk Test
  8. Serenity
  9. TestingWhiz
  10. QA Wizard
  11. TimeShiftX
  12. TestDrive
  13. AdventNet QEngine
  14. Httest
  15. Screenster

Ranorex Studio:

Ranorex Studio Cross Browser Testing Tool

Ranorex Studio is a powerful automation tool that accelerates regression tests for desktop, mobile, and web. Over 4,000 companies worldwide benefit from Ranorex Studio, increasing their efficiency by up to 78%. Regression tests can be run at night, in parallel or distributed on a Selenium grid.

Ranorex Studio offers codeless test automation as well as a full development environment and API, which ensures the tool is easy for beginners to use but offers the power experts need. Users wanting to improve the manageability of their regression tests benefit from features such as powerful object recognition, a shareable object repository, and support for data-driven tests.  The tool produces easy-to-read test reports that are fully customizable and include screenshots, detailed error logs, and video capture.

The tool allows for integration into a complete testing toolchain. Trigger regression tests from a CI server, report defects in a defect tracking system, manage automated tests with source control, and much more.

Free Trial: free 30-day trial

Official Link: Ranorex



Selenium is an open source (free) automated testing suite to test web applications. It is one of the top automated regression testing tools for web application testing. It supports different platforms and browsers. It has gained a lot of popularity in terms of web-based automated testing. Selenium is a set of different software tools. Each tool has a different approach in supporting web-based automation testing.

It has four components namely,

  • Selenium IDE (Selenium Integrated Development Environment)
  • Selenium RC (Selenium Remote Control)
  • Selenium WebDriver
  • Selenium Grid

Pricing: Free (Open source)

Official website: Link



Watir stands for Web Application Testing In Ruby. Its an open source Ruby library for automating tests. Watir interacts with a browser the same way people do: clicking links, filling out forms and validating text. It is a open source regression testing tool. It can be used to automate regression testing suites.

  • It’s a free Open Source tool.
  • Light-weight and easy to use tool
  • It supports multiple browsers on different platforms.
  • Cross-platform OS support
  • Technology independent

Pricing: Free (Open source)

Official website: Link

Download: Link

Sahi Pro:

Sahi Pro helps automate functional testing of web applications. Sahi Pro by default supports web application and REST API automation. Sahi Pro is well suited for cross-browser/multi-browser testing of complex web 2.0 applications with lots of AJAX and dynamic content. Sahi Pro runs on any modern browser which supports javascript. It supports you to test web browsers, desktop, and mobile apps. It is a tester focused automated regression testing tool.

  • Inbuilt Excel framework to let your business analysts and non-technical professionals contribute towards testing.
  • Simple and powerful APIs
  • Object spy and recorder
  • Automatic logging and reporting
  • Parallel and distributed playback
  • Continuous integration
  • Test any browser on any operating system
  • Test any Windows desktop applications
  • Test any iOS and Android, Native and Hybrid Applications

Free Trial: 30 days

Pricing: starts $695 per year

Official website: Link


TestComplete Cross Browser Testing Tool

TestComplete allows you to create and maintain automated regression tests across web, mobile and desktop applications. It will enable you to quickly create automated GUI tests in one browser and run them in parallel across 1,500 remote test environments – including browsers, operating systems, resolutions, and devices – helping you ensure complete test coverage and improve software quality.

TestComplete is an automated UI testing tool that allows you to create, maintain, and execute functional tests across desktop, mobile, and web applications

  • Run tests in parallel across 1500 real testing environments
  • Easy to create one automated GUI test for multiple browsers
  • It supports desktop, web and mobile apps.
  • Data-Driven Testing
  • Keyword-Driven Testing
  • Automated Test Reporting & Analysis

Free Trial: 30 Days

Pricing: $8,400 per user (includes Desktop, Mobile & Web)

Official Website: Link

IBM Rational Functional Tester:

IBM Rational Functional Tester

IBM RFT is a data-driven testing platform for functional and regression testing. It supports a wide range of application such as .Net, Java, SAP, Flex, and Ajax. RFT uses Visual Basic .Net and Java as scripting languages. RFT has a unique feature called Storyboard testing in which users’ actions on AUT are recorded and visualized in a storyboard format through application screenshots.

Another interesting feature of RFT is its integration with IBM Jazz application lifecycle management systems such as IBM Rational Team Concert and Rational Quality Manager.

Free Trial: Available

Official Link: Link

License: Commercial

Silk Test:

Silk Test

Automated functional and regression testing for enterprise software applications. You can use Silk Test for regression, cross-platform, and localization testing of all mobile application types, including mobile web, mobile native, and hybrid applications

Free Trial: 45 days

Official website: Link


Serenity BDD

Serenity BDD is an open source library that helps you write higher quality automated regression and acceptance tests faster.

  • Write tests that are more flexible and easier to maintain
  • Produce illustrated, narrative reports about your tests
  • Map your automated tests back to your requirements
  • See how much of your application is actually being tested
  • And keep tabs on project progress

Pricing: Open source

Official Website: Link


Testing Whiz

TestingWhiz is a regression testing automation tool. It lets you automate regression testing for software, web, database, mobile, web services, and API by re-running automated tests in continuous integration.

  • Web Application Testing
  • Mobile Application Testing
  • Cloud Application Testing
  • QoQ Verification
  • Performance Diagnostics

Free Trial: 30 days

Official website: Link

QA Wizard:

QA Wizard Pro

QA Wizard Pro automates functional and regression testing of web, Windows, and Java applications, and load test web applications.

Source Code: Licensed

Official Website: Link 


Official website: Link 


Official website: Link 

AdventNet QEngine:

Official website: Link


Official website: Link 


Official Website: Link 


We tried our best to list popular Regression Testing Tools (both Open Source and Commercial). Out of all the above mentioned regression testing tools, the choice of best regression testing tool for your needs completely depends on your requirement and budget. Let us know your favorite Regression testing tool in the comments below. If you feel I forgot to mention any of your favorite tools, please contact us.

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Disclaimer: The order of these regression testing tools doesn’t suggest any recommendations.

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