Best Chrome Extensions To Find XPath | Software Testing Material

Chrome Extensions to find XPath

Page Contents 10 best Google Chrome Extensions to find XPath in Selenium:XPath Extensions For Chrome:XPath Helper:ChroPath:Scraper:Relative XPath Helper:XPath Helper Wizard:Xpath Finder:XPather:Firebug Lite for Google Chrome:Eskry:xPath Analyzer: 10 best Google Chrome Extensions to find XPath in Selenium: Selenium has gained enoromous popularity in the field of test automation. Most of the companies adopting this tool. Being … Read more

Best Mobile App Testing Tools in 2020

Mobile Testing Tools

Mobile App Testing Tools Table of content: Page Contents Automation Is Everywhere – Checkout These Mobile App Testing Tools!How to excel in the field of mobile application testing?Challenges Faced In the Mobile Testing FieldWhy invest in Mobile app testing tools?Which parts of the mobile app should you automate first?Best Mobile App Testing Tools to Consider1. … Read more

Best Chrome Extensions for Software Testers in 2020

Chrome Extensions for Software Testers

Page Contents 12 of the best Google Chrome Extensions for Software TestersChrome Extensions for Web Testing:1. Window Resizer:2. IE Tab:3. Bug Magnet:4. WAVE Evaluation Tool:5. Clear Cache:6. Awesome Screenshot: Screen Video Recorder:7. Screencastify – Screen Video Recorder:8. Resolution Test:9. Page Ruler:10. EditThisCookie:11. Ghost Inspector – Automated Website Testing:12. Grammarly for Chrome:Bonus Chrome Extension13. Lighthouse:What are … Read more

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