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  1. I am not getting dependency for this XSSFWorkbook anywhere.Can you please help.I have added latest apache poi 3.17 dependency but XSSFWorkbook not present in this.

    1. Hi Sanjeet,

      Try to add the below code in your pom.xml file



      Replace @ with < in the above code Thanks, Rajkumar

  2. Hello
    I saw your code for data driven testing using excel file in TestNG. You created object array. but If we have 50 sets of data, it is hard to create 5o object. So could please pass the code using excel file in testNG ?I have not found the code in web. I hope you will provide the code

  3. Hey Raj, your block is too good for the learners, I really appreciate your help and support.

    Raj, you gave a good example on @Dataprovider and how to use it in Data Driven Framework (by taking ‘Test Data’ in the class level itself (last example)).

    Can please tell me how to grab the details from the external source (Excel) using @dataprovider annotation.for the same FB login page.??

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