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  1. Hi Sir,

    I went through your manual testing tutorial its very good and easy to understand thanks a lot.

    Can you please publish tutorial on QTP/UFT.

  2. Hello Sir,

    Your explanation was clear and easy to ready and easy way to explain login

    Thank you so much Sir,

    Could you please explain :
    1.what are testing process used in your company
    2.what are challenge faced during your testing
    3.Bug Life cycle in JIRA,QC,ALM

    1. 1. Testing process.. read STLC
      2. Challenges – for examples repeated testing which we overcome using automation tool
      3. Bug life cycle is almost same in all the tools..

      1. Raj Kumar you have done a great job.The FAQ’s are so helpful if anyone goes thorough them they can definitely get through the interview. You have covered every single topic from Manual Testing syllabus..

        Thank you.

  3. Hi Sir , i have one doubt on
    High Priority & Low Severity: Spelling mistake of a company name on the homepage .

    2 weeks back i attend the vodafone interview . in the Managerial round he asked this HIgh Priority & Low severity . i told this answer , he asked one question regarding this one for ex : your using HDFC bank for netbanking , you need to transfer money to some other person . when your open HDFC net banking website Bank name is misspelled . in that case you will use that application or not he asked like that i replied yes i will do the transaction because i have valid credentials , with that i am able to open netbanking login home page , so i will use that , but he is not accepted this answer .

    1. Hi Saravani,

      Your answer was right, but you need to give them the right logic as below:
      If HDFC net banking website Bank name is misspelled then it may leads to ward the doubt that the site is not authentic and we cant risk with login.
      It may expose the login credentials to the frauds. So i will not take risk and avoid login to the portal.
      So it must be case of HIgh Priority & Low severity. 🙂


  4. Hi,
    I have read your Manual Testing Materials. It looks like very helpful for the job seeker for preparing interview. Thanks for helping out people by providing such a quality document. I am having 3+ years of experience in manual Testing. Good Work.. Hoping for some new tutorials on Tosca, UFT etc.

  5. Hi Rajkumar,

    I liked your blog and its have excellent information about Software testing.
    Keep up the good work.


  6. Grt Aticle Rajkumar,

    Experience holder can revision
    Fresher can read and understand the basic testing concept.

    ◆ Missing some real time examples and interview questions
    ◆ domain based questions missing

    1. Hi Sourabh, thanks. We will surely look into that. If you feel anything very important is not covered here, please share it in the comment section and we will include them in this Manual Testing Interview Questions blog post.

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