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  1. Hello Rajkumar,

    Seriously, your site is the best I would say for any layman to learn Selenium. I have been browsing through many websites to learn Selenium, but I feel so glad that I stumbled on yours. The concepts are explained so well in a way easy for beginners to learn.

    Thanks a lot!

  2. Hi,
    Thank you for a very comprehensive tutorial; it is very informative. I have experienced one issue, however: my tests are failing due to NullPointerException. I have replicated your FBLogin example, and, somehow, loginpage.clickOnLoginButton() is throwing an exception.

    Kind regards,

    1. Hi Walker,

      Modify the below line of code in your

      @FindBy(how=How.XPATH, using="//input[@type='submit'][@id='u_0_5']") WebElement signinButton;

      with the below code

      @FindBy(how=How.XPATH, using="//*[@id='loginbutton']") WebElement signinButton;


  3. Hi Rajkumar,

    Very much helpful & informative site for learning advanced concepts. I do have one query as given below:


    instead of XPATH, can we give ‘How.ID’ or ‘How.Name’? If yes, what will be the following code instead of >> using=”//input[@type=’email’][@name=’email’]”

    Eknath Dhauskar

  4. HI Raj,
    Nice job. Your WebPages are really helpful to me,. I just have 2 questions for you regarding this example.

    Do you know if I could use the Chrome Driver from Docker ? When I was running this sample where the driver is from the docker stand-alone chrome driver:
    1. The code was able to identify the Text area of the “username”, and “password”,
    2. But it was not able to find the id of “loginbutton”, and the case was failed there.
    3. And if I replace the code with the routine way, such as:
    >> driver.findElement(“loginbutton”)).click(), This step was able to going through.

    While I was trying to find out which steps fails in the example, I have tried to take a screen shot from the page after “login button” was clicked, But somehow, the png file was in dark, that I can merely read the foreground contents. Do you have any idea what could be wrong.

    Thanks again for all these messages,


    1. Hi Jack, I have never tried docker stuff. If any luck, pls try to answer here on how you achieved it. If you want to write a guest post on this, you can send a draft using our contact form. I will review and post it.

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