• Software Testers Resume | Freshers and Experienced

    I am adding this post “Sample Resume for Software Testers Freshers and Experienced” as per the request of some of our subscribers. I know the first step to getting our dream job is to create a good job-winning resume and to submit the resume (of course we need to have some technical skills too :-). Search Software Testing Material blog for more informative posts) on job portals or to send the resume to recruiters. Sometimes it’s hard to find or create one.

    Usually, hiring managers go through hundreds of resumes during a search for one employee. As a job seeker, it is in our hands to help them out by presenting an impressive resume.

    A resume maybe just a piece of paper but it represents you before a hiring manager. Here we are providing a sample software tester resume for you. However, simply relying completely on it and modifying as per your needs is not a good idea. Creating a resume that quickly and easily communicates why you’re better than other applicants is critical.

    If you want us to prepare a customized resume for you, please contact us. Our team will prepare a resume for you. We charge a very minimal amount for this.

    Remember, a resume is just like a jersey to wear and enter the field. The real game is to present our skills (which we acquired in our learning or working process) to the interviewer in the process of interview.

    Sample Resume for Software Testers Freshers and Experienced (Software Tester Resume)

    1. Sample Resume for Software Tester Freshers
    2. Sample Resume for Software Tester Experienced
    3. Sample Resume for Selenium Tester Freshers
    4. Sample Resume for Selenium Tester Experienced

    If you are looking for a customized resume, you can contact us. Our team will prepare a resume for you. We charge a very minimal amount for this.

    Download the sample software tester resume using the below download link and make modifications as per your requirement.


    These sample software tester resumes are provided as general information and are not a substitute for professional advice.
    All the best for your job searching.

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    Rajkumar SM

    12 thoughts on “Software Testers Resume | Freshers and Experienced”

    1. Hi
      I have completed .net certification last year.but now not interesting in coding.I confused now should I select testing?

    2. hi bro.. i want to learn selenium…Now days i learn core java basic.is.. i dont know about manual testing…where i start bro…plz guide me…

    3. Hi sir,
      I learnt testing in 2014. Tat time I didn’t went job. I have 4 years gap. How can I enter into IT industry. PL do needful

      1. Hi Dharani, prepare a resume and learn Manual Testing concepts and any automation tool. If you have stuff companies wont bother about those 4 yrs gap as per my knowledge.

    4. Hi Sir,

      I have completed my degree in 2010. Due to some personal problems i didnt go for a job long time. But now i am really very much interested to work as a software tester. Is it possible .
      can u give some tips or ideas for resume making.

      1. Hi Pavithra, prepare a resume and learn Manual Testing concepts and any automation tool. Apply jobs as a fresher. As per my knowledge companies dont bother about this gap, if you have good knowledge.

    5. Hi,

      As am working as system admin from 4.5yrs now i want to change my job in testing field can i switch to that.

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