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  1. Hi Raj,

    I have a doubt , do we need to set the maven and JDK path under Manage Jenkins–> Global tools configuration. Is it mandatory

  2. Hi Rajkumar,

    Very well explained. But I have a very basic doubt. When it comes to test whether the build failed or passed after deployment, here build refers to our automation project or project which we test?
    Because I think continuous can be both ways. Run the automation suite when any deployment is done for Project Under Test or any deployment in automation framework.

      1. Hi Raj,

        I am not able to see any options under post build actions to provide the Pom.xml path. I have options only under Build—>Invoke Top level maven projects–>Advanced. Please clarify

  3. Hi Raj,

    To make the execution visible you have advised to Tick the Allow service to interact with desktop. in Jenkins service in another post comment section in which i am unable to comment..

    I tried the steps but unfortunately i am still unable to see the execution. After the change,there is a windows popup which is trying to display a message and requesting attention related to jenkins and Chrome.dll

    I guess due to this issues i am unable to see the browser. Kindly clarify

    OS : Windows 7
    Browser : Latest Chrome version
    Jenkins Latest Version

  4. Hello Sir,

    Can you please tell us about the steps to trigger the build automatically whenever there is a code push in Github

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