• What is Automation Testing - Advantages & Types of Tools
  • What is Selenium IDE, Selenium RC, Selenium WebDriver, Selenium Grid?
  • Selenium IDE, Firebug & Firepath Installation


  • Selenium WebDriver Architecture
  • Selenium Installation
  • Challenges and Limitations of Selenium
  • First Selenium WebDriver Script
  • Working with Firefox Browser
  • Solution - Failed To Launch Browser Using Selenium WebDriver
  • Working with Chrome Browser
  • Working with IE Browser
  • Difference Between FindElement & FindElements
  • Install Firebug, Fire path and other add on for Selenium
  • Locators in Selenium
  • Dynamic Xpath
  • Dynamic CSS
  • Handle drop-downs
  • How to work with file upload
  • Handle Alerts & Popups
  • Handle Multiple Windows
  • Mouse Hover event in Selenium
  • Right Click
  • Double Click
  • Drag and Drop
  • Capture Screenshots in Selenium
  • Parameterization
  • Synchronization
  • Implicit Wait, Explicit Wait and Fluent Wait in Selenium
  • Implicit Waits
  • Explicit WebDriver Waits
  • Fluent Wait In Selenium
  • Apache POI
  • How To Read Data From Excel File
  • How To Write Data In Excel File
  • Database Testing Using MSSQL
  • Database Testing Using MySQL
  • Database Testing Using DB2
  • Handle Ajax Call in Selenium
  • Listeners in Selenium
  • Handling JavaScript in Selenium
  • Stale Element Reference Exception in Selenium
  • Integrate Sikuli with Selenium
  • Headless Browser Testing 
  • Headless Browser Testing using HtmlUnitDriver
  • Headless Browser Testing using PhanthomJSDriver


  • TestNG Installation
  • TestNG Complete Tutorial


  • Extent Reports Introduction
  • Extent Reports Generation
  • Capturing Screenshots & Including In Extent Reports
  • Extent Reports Version 4


  • ANT Build Tool - How To Download & Install
  • Maven Build Tool - How To Download & Install
  • Creating Maven Selenium Project
  • GIT Integration with Selenium
  • Jenkins - How To Download & Install
  • Jenkins - Executing TestNG Scripts
  • Jenkins - Generating Reports After Test Execution
  • Jenkins - Executing Maven Project
  • Create build and Execute build for nightly execution
  • Send Email report based on build Status
  • Selenium Continuous Integration with Jenkins [Selenium – Maven – Git – Jenkins] – Step By Step Guide


  • Running Selenium Tests On BrowserStack
  • Kobiton - Mobile Testing Platform with Real Devices


  • Mobile Testing Platform with Real Devices


  • What is Framework & Types of Framework
  • Page Object Model Design Pattern
  • Data Driven Framework
  • How to explain Test Automation Framework or Selenium Automation Framework Architecture In Interview

  • API Testing:

  • Learn API Testing
  • Postman Tutorial (API Testing with Postman)


  • Test Automation Framework Interview Questions
  • Selenium Interview Questions
  • TestNG Interview Questions
  • Java Interview Questions
  • Python Interview Questions
  • API Testing Interview Questions


  • Automation Tester Resume
  • How To Zoom In And Zoom Out Browser In Selenium WebDriver | Software Testing Material

    How To Zoom In And Zoom Out In Selenium

    We all know Selenium automates browsers. When we are running selenium scripts, sometimes we may face a situation where we need to perform zoom in and zoom out. In Selenium, this can be easily achieved. In this article, I will show you two methods on how to Zoom In and Zoom Out in Selenium WebDriver.

    Manually, we have to press CTRL+ADD to do Zoom In and we have to press CTRL+SUBTRACT to do zoom out. I have tested both the below methods i.e., how to zoom in and zoom out on firefox.

    How To Handle Zoom In And Zoom Out

    Method 1: Using Robot Class

    We can perform page zoom action using sendKeys method.

    Method 2: Using SendKeys Method

    Must Read: Selenium Complete Tutorial

    Read More:

    How To Handle Zoom In And Zoom Out

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    1. Thanks Raj for your inputs. I will try at my end and will get back to you for any issues.

      Thank you so much.

      • Hey hi Raj,

        Thank you for the solution and its working fine for me.

        Thank you so much!!

        • Hi Raj,

          Would like to share an observation for Method 2 code. I tried using SendKeys() method, but no change is seen on the screen. i have also put thread.sleep() to see the changes but nothing is seen.

          • I agree with you Saili Inamdar. Good observation. Sometimes in some applications it wont work. We could use any of the two methods.

        • Nice to hear that it worked for you.

          • Thank you!! 🙂

    2. Robot class worked thanks 🙂

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