Selenium 4 Alpha Release

Yes, Selenium 4 Alpha is released on 28th April’19. Its not an official release. You can find Selenium 4 Alpha in Maven repository. You couldn’t download it from Selenium official website

Download Selenium 4 Alpha Maven Dependencies from here

Let’s see the new features of Selenium 4 Alpha. Point to be noted here is there is no official announcement from Selenium Team.

We hope that the following features will be available in the next official Selenium 4 release. Until Selenium 4 is officially released, Its not recommended to upgrade or migrate your existing Selenium Project

Changes to supported browsers:

  • Native support has been removed for Opera and PhantomJS. Since the WebDriver implementations for these browsers are no longer under active development.

For Opera, users should be able to simply rely on testing Chrome as the Opera browser is based on Chromium (and the operadriver was a thin wrapper around chromedriver).

For PhantomJS, users should use Chrome or Firefox in headless mode instead of PhantomJS

  • Added driver.switchTo().parentFrame()
  • Replaced WebElement.getSize() and WebElement.getLocation() with a single method, WebElement.getRect().
  • All window manipulation commands are now supported.
  • Added getRect(), setRect(), fullScreen() and minimize() methods in driver.manage().window()
  • Removed getPosition(), setPosition(), getSize() and setSize() methods
  • Suggesting to use getRect() and setRect() methods instead of getPosition(), getSize() and setPosition(), setSize() respectively

W3C recommendation document for Selenium WebDriver is now available and you can find the API Documentation here

Also you can find the Change documentation here

Share your thoughts on these changes to Selenium in the comments section below.

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