TestNG Parameterization Using DataProviders | TestNG Tutorial

TestNG Parameterization Using DataProviders

Parameterized tests allow developers to run the same test over and over again using different values.

There are two ways to set these parameters:

  • with testng.xml
  • with Data Providers

Let’s see passing parameters using DataProviders:

Specifying parameters in testng.xml might not be sufficient if you need to pass complex parameters, or parameters that need to be created from Java (complex objects, objects read from a property file or a database, etc…). In this case, you can use a Data Provider to supply the values you need to test.  A Data Provider is a method on your class that returns an array of objects.  This method is annotated with @DataProvider:

Check below video to see “TestNG Parameterization using DataProviders”

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Console Output:

You could find the complete TestNG tutorial here.

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