Best Test Management Tools of 2021

Test Management Tools

We spent 48 hours evaluating and researching 12 different Test Management Tools. We looked for features that should be available in an ideal test management tool. We looked at user reviews and compare products’ features to determine which tools help you in your project development.

Based on our research, we believe the following tools drive your project in a better direction. Here we are not giving any ranking to any tool. Every tool in the list below has decent features but it’s very rare to find free test case management tools but almost all the test management tools come with free trials.

In this tutorial, we are going to see the following.

Let’s see some of the popular tools for the test management process.

#1. PractiTest


PractiTest is an end-to-end Test Management tool for quality assurance testing management. PractiTest offers a 30-days free trial. PractiTest integrates with some of the systems such as JIRA, Redmine, Pivotal Tracker, and other. PractiTest is able to work with automized tests of Selenium by using API.


  • Create and organize tests based on test cycles, sprints
  • Easy requirement management and traceability between requirements, tests, and issues
  • Seamlessly integrates automation, CI, and bug tracking tools.
  • Ability to report issues directly from emails
  • Use advanced features to save time and money with anti-bug duplicates
  • Visualize your data in the most advanced way using dashboards and reports
  • Reuse tests and correlate results across different releases and products.

PractiTest has received an average rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars on G2, based on 99 reviews. Reviewer ‘Stan B’ says that PractiTest is “An effective tool for test management”.

Free Trial: 30 days

Read the complete review of PractiTest here

#2. Test Rail


The most popular test management tool in the DevTestOps Landscape Survey 2019 is TestRail. It works well for teams of all sizes, from individual testers to enterprise-sized teams of 100 or more. You can run TestRail on a local server or choose the cloud/SaaS solution for easy setup. Create test plans, start test runs, capture results in real-time, produce meaningful reports, and work more productively with personalized to-do lists, filters, and email notifications. TestRail integrates with leading issue tracking and test automation tools (if you’re using Jira, be sure to get the TestRail for Jira app on the Atlassian marketplace.)

Key Features:

  • Document test cases with steps, screenshots, and expected results.
  • Assign test cases to team members. Collaborate with comments and attachments.
  • Estimate effort and forecast test completion dates.
  • Start test runs and select test cases for execution based on filters.
  • Monitor team workload to adjust assignments and resources.
  • Capture the results of manual testing or get real-time feedback from your test automation.
  • Produce traceability and coverage reports for requirements, tests, and defects.
  • Generate reports and compare test results across multiple test runs and configurations.
  • Built-in integrations, plus an open API to integrate with your CI/CD/DevOps toolchain.

TestRail has received an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars on G2, based on 199 reviews. Reviewer ‘Aravind C’ says that “TestRail is great for managing test cases”.

Free Trial: 30 days

#3. Testpad

Testpad Test Management Tool

Testpad is not your typical test management tool. It’s more like a spreadsheet than a database of test cases, but unlike a spreadsheet, Testpad gives you consistent formating, easy team collaboration, and great reports that make it obvious how testing is going. The free-form nature of the test plans can be used on almost any style: from high-level guides for exploratory testing to fully-scripted test case management.

Key features:

  • Guest testers, invited by email, who don’t need a login
  • Simple enough to use by non-testers; get everyone to help
  • Keyboard-driven editor with a javascript-powered responsive UI
  • Drag’n’drop organization of test plans
  • Add new tests during testing, as you think of new ideas
  • Lightweight integration with issue trackers, including JIRA

Testpad is pitched at QA pros looking for a more productive approach to testing, and at beginners looking for an upgrade to the annoying mess they’re in with spreadsheets.

Testpad has received an average rating of 3 out of 5 stars on G2. One of the reviewers says that Testpad is a “Very helpful app for ensuring consistent testing quality”

Free Trial: 30days

#4. Qase


Qase is a cloud test management tool for both Developers and Testers. It helps you as an individual or in a team to significantly boost testing productivity and allows you to manage test cases, compose test plans, and perform test runs in an easy way.

#5. Klaros Test Management

Klaros Test Management Tool

Klaros Test Management is a user-friendly tool for professional test management. The easy-to-use user interface supports test managers and testers in the administration, planning, execution, and evaluation of test activities.

A component for managing tasks and evaluating test activities is integrated. Classical development processes such as Waterfall or V-Model are supported as well as iterative and agile methods such as Scrum or Kanban.

Klaros-Testmanagement provides a powerful and comprehensive reporting system. Many common reports are already predefined and integrated. Individual requirements, such as your own specifications and graphic layout, can be created by the user via a straightforward and powerful API.


  • Test Case Management: It allows Manual and automated executed test cases and shows detailed change tracking for increased traceability with versioning of test requirements, test cases, and test suites. It allows modularization and reuse of test steps for better maintenance and also allows sharing of tests across projects, changes are only necessary for a single location
  • Requirements Management: Requirements can either be created directly in the application or dynamically synchronized with external tools.
    This allows for accurate test coverage information at any time throughout the duration of the project.
  • Defect Management: During test execution, errors found can be passed directly from Klaros Test Management to the defect management system. Defects and test cases can be tracked and cross-referenced at any time in both systems.
  • Test Coordination / Test Governance: Test tasks can be recorded, assigned, and evaluated at the touch of a button. Test duration and test results are automatically logged. Access to graphical representations of test progress and success rates takes place in real-time.
  • Test Documentation and Reporting: The configurable dashboard provides a quick overview of the most important reports and statistics. Numerous overview and detailed reports are predefined and supplied for detailed analysis. Individual test reports can be realized according to your own requirements.
  • LDAP, Active Directory, and CAS: User authentication and password management are covered directly in the application or can be handled via an external LDAP, Active Directory, or CAS server.
  • Tool Integration: Over 40 interfaces with issue trackers (JIRA, GitHub, GitLab, Mantis, Redmine), test automation tools (JUnit, QF-Test, Selenium) and continuous integration servers (Jenkins, Hudson) allow a seamless integration into existing development environments and simplify the import and export of data.

#6. Test Collab

TestCollab Test Management Tool

Catering its users for 10 years Test Collab thrives to keep abreast of industry trends triggers the continuous evolution process. It always keeps users’ convenience on top. A test case management tool that offers its features for both agile and waterfall models makes it a preferred tool for a team with different types of requirements.

Options to swiftly import data for easier migration from other platforms; seamless integration with test automation tools and popular bug trackers are the most liked features. Test case management features giving it an edge include quick test case add, easy filters, reusability of steps, test cases, and test suites. Analytical dashboards and test metrics help managers monitor the progress.

Data security and uninterrupted services are given utmost importance while designing the architecture.


  • Supports agile and waterfall techniques
  • Preferred equally by startups and larger enterprises
  • Secured
  • Analytical dashboards and test metrics
  • Reusability of test case steps, test cases, and test suites
  • This test suite management tool allows your test suites linking across projects
  • Link issues (user stories, epics) as requirements with test cases
  • Test case versioning
  • Support for custom fields to cater to organization-specific needs
  • Define test plan configurations on multiple factors like platform, environment, browsers and so on
  • Random test case assignment to testers
  • Estimation of time it takes to execute a test case
  • Get failed test cases automatically added as bugs in issue tracking systems like JIRA, TFS (as on date 18 bug trackers are supported)
  • Automate tests and get the results reported back into Test Collab
  • Data import and export options with support for CSV, XLS/XLSx, XML
  • User rights managed at a micro level
  • REST API for all that you need from Test Collab
  • A free plan that can be used forever (with certain limitations)

Free Trial: You can use a free plan for as long as you want. You can also try a business plan for free for 14 days

#7. QMetry

QMetry Test Management Tool

QMetry Test Management is a quality platform designed for enabling Continuous Testing and Agile Teams to build, manage, and deploy quality software faster with confidence. QMetry provides a comprehensive agile testing solution with E2E test management, integration with test automation, powerful quality metrics, and analytics. QMetry offers more than 20 integrations and is trusted by 1000+ brands globally across many industries like finance, healthcare services, travel & hospitality, retail, education, and high technology.


Enabling Agile: QMetry Test Management offers cloud and on-premise test management tool for Agile/DevOps teams. With QMetry, software testing teams can plan test cycles based on requirements, test early and frequently to shift the quality left.  With reusable test assets, collaborative functions to assign/reassign test cases, and integration with tools, QMetry ensures shared ownership of quality across development and QA teams.

Achieve Continuous Testing: QMetry enables Continuous Testing by focusing on three major aspects – People, Process, and Tools. QMetry provides deep and seamless integration with various tools that are an integral part of the CI/CD pipeline. Ready-made integrations are available for project management tools such as Jira, Rally, and Azure; CI/CD tools such as Jenkins, Bamboo, Maven; Source Code Repository tools such as Bitbucket, SVN and GitHub. All these tools are integrated with QMetry to form a cohesive quality management platform and provide comprehensive reports.

Integrated with Test Automation: Teams practicing BDD can author, store, and sync feature files directly to/from Version Control Systems using the built-in Gherkin editor in QMetry requirements. The two-way syncing between QMetry & VCS keeps developers, testers and product owners up-to-date with the source code commits and automated step definitions. Using QMetry automation agents, test executions are triggered directly from QMetry, storing results in Test Suite. This ensures complete traceability with requirements.

Secure and Compliance Driven: QMetry has niche expertise and experience catering to the needs of compliance-driven enterprises across verticals such as BFSI and Healthcare. QMetry’s eSignature helps organizations to regulate the Approval Workflow of test cases and test executions to produce evidence that can be used for SOW and other Audit compliance. QMetry has a proven record of secured, high performance, stable, and reliable platforms.

Powerful Actionable Insights: QMetry Test Reports provide actionable insights to Agile Teams in understanding the project status and finally the product readiness for go-to-market. QMetry Reports which includes System Test Reports and Advanced Reports are built with a flexible and strong architecture that follows three principles –

  • Easy-to-use Interface for generating complex reports
  • Actionable Insights to help in decision-making
  • Powerful performance to handle the high volume of data reports

Free Trial: 30 Days

#8. Kualitee

Kualitee Test Management Tool

Whether you currently manage testing in Excel or use a software lifecycle management tool, Kualitee takes the hassle out of your software testing and makes team collaboration effortless. Assign tasks to the team and always stay on top of live progress through our simple, yet powerful dashboard and reports.

Integrate with your favorite tools, customize roles, reports, filters, and more. Price is affordable and flexible to suit large and small teams alike.

Kualitee is your next ALM alternative!


  • Intuitive and friendly interface
  • Requirements Planning
  • Test Case Management & Issue Tracking
  • Custom Bug Reports
  • Interactive Dashboard
  • Individual and Group Progress Tracking
  • Third-Party Integrations

#9. Meliora Testlab

Meliora TestLab

Meliora TestLab is easy to use but powerful Test management tool with all the required ALM features. It simplifies your testing process and upgrades your team’s testing capabilities. It is a browser-based enterprise-grade quality management tool with requirements management, test design and execution, issue management, team collaboration, and analysis features.

Free Trial: 14 days

#10. TestLodge

TestLodge is one of the best choices in terms of Test Management Tools. TestLodge supports you to create test planstest cases, test runs, defects, and reporting. Some of the TestLodge’s features that make it worth choosing this Test Management Tool are as follows


  • Creating a Test Plan
  • Creating Test Suites
  • Creating Test Cases
  • Tracking Bugs
  • Graphical Reporting System
  • Integration with popular bug tracking tools

Read our review on TestLodge Test Management Tool

Free Trial: 30 days

#11. TestCaseLab

A Test Case Management tool is a software to manage the tests. TestCaseLab enables you to create, manage, and organize test cases and suites within an optimized user interface and application structure. TestCaseLab Test Case Management Tool is a cutting-edge web tool for manual QA engineers. It allows you to follow most of the testing activities such as creating test cases, grouping test cases in test plans, and executing test runs. It helps coordinating test runs and increases the productivity of QA engineers. TestCaseLab comes with a nice user interface (UI) and also provides unlimited user account plans for affordable prices.


  • Easy to create test cases and group them into categories
  • Efficiently manage test cases, test plans, and test runs
  • Well defined search functionality allows us to search test cases using name, description, and tags
  • Real-time synchronization between peers in the project. If another user is editing the same test case, then you will get a notification
  • Every test case has a unique link which allows other users to open it directly
  • Allows to edit or delete multiple test cases at the same time
  • All the fields of test cases are editable directly on the view page
  • Allows to drag and drop selected test cases
  • Reuse of existing test cases or test plans by copying them
  • Integrates with issue tracker tools such as Jira, Redmine, Pivotal, YouTrack, Asana
  • Easily import, and export your data
  • Allows to track edit history and ensures transparency
  • Automatic email notifications to the members of assigned project
  • Get started in minutes by simply registering without IT support

Read our review on TestCaseLab Test Management Tool

Free Trial: 30 days

#12. QTest

It is the tool that helps not only testers but also the entire team. qTest’s interface is simple and user-friendly. Learning qTest is easy. It allows testers to create, centralize, organize, manage test cases quickly and efficiently. qTest Management claims that it’s the #1 Test Management Tool. As per the market analysis, qTest is one of the fastest-growing test management solutions amongst Agile Development Teams. A cloud-based test management tool allows you to integrate with JIRA.


  • Test planning and management
  • Create, Edit and View requirements and test cases
  • Track changes and updates to requirements and test cases
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop UI
  • Comprehensive traceability matrix
  • Visual reports with drill-down views
  • Integration with external 3 party defect management tools
  • Granular user permission controls

Free Trial: 30 days

#13. Zephyr for Jira

Zephyr for Jira integrates testing into the project cycle, allowing you to track software quality and make empowered go/no-go decisions. Test issues can be created, executed, tracked, and reported on just like any other Jira issue. It allows you to enhance the testing experience by integrating with automation tools like Selenium, continuous integration tools like Bamboo or Jenkins using RESTful APIs in ZAPI, the Add-on to Zephyr for Jira.


  • Create, view, edit test plans and test
  • Link to stories, tasks, requirements, bugs, etc.,
  • Create test cases and execute tests
  • Create dashboards and generate reports and track quality metrics
  • Integration with tools like JIRA, Selenium, Jenkins, Bamboo, etc.,

Free Trial: 30 Days

#14. TestLink – Open Source Test Management Tool

TestLink is an open-source test management tool. It’s one of the very rare open source test management tools in the market. Its a web-based Test Management tool. It provides Test specifications, Test plans, and execution, Reporting, Requirements specification, and collaboration with well-known bug trackers. It provides planning, reporting, requirement tracking, generating charts, and reports.


  • Requirement management
  • Test case creation, maintenance, and execution
  • Integration with issue trackers and bug tracking
  • Metrics and charts support

Free Trial:

#15. Quality Center

Quality Center, formerly known as HP Quality Center is a quality management software offered by Micro Focus. Micro Focus acquired the software division of the HP Software Division of Hewlett Packard Enterprise. It offers requirements management, test management, and business process testing.


  • Requirements Management
  • Test and Defect Management
  • Agile Testing
  • Automated Testing
  • Metrics management

Free Trial:

#16. Testuff

Testuff, is a web-based QA management platform that allows you to easily design, execute, and manage an unlimited range of software tests. It offers integration with a huge list of bug trackers. It has an API that supports automation tools.


  • Requirement Management
  • Test Case Management
  • Integration with any bug trackers
  • Attach a video to defect reports
  • Communicate with team using Twitter integration
  • Assign test to specific testers
  • Test Cycle planning using multiple labs

Free Trial: 60 days

#17. TestFLO for JIRA

TestFLO Test Management for JIRA add-on empowers the users to manage their testing projects within JIRA. TestFLO supports flexible configurations for Agile Teams and Projects, smoothly integrates with defects and requirements providing broad traceability metrics and extensive reporting including all JIRA metrics and statistics. It allows integration with CI tools like Jenkins or Bamboo for automated tests allowing you to run tests from JIRA and publish test results in real-time.


  • Create and manage test cases
  • Requirement Traceability
  • Create and keep track of defects on requirements, test plans or single Test Cases
  • Extend the add-on with TestFLO Automation and integrate tests ran on Bamboo or Jenkins

Free Trial: 30 days

#18. ReQtest


ReQtest is a cloud based requirements management, test management, and bug tracking tool that helps testers and developers to manage, scope, quality, & progress of your projects.


  • Integrated test suite to plan, execute and follow up test cases
  • Tailor-made to support agile test case management
  • Effortlessly capture, track & manage bugs and issues
  • Organize, review & prioritize requirements intuitively
  • Highly customizable requirement module
  • Handle bugs in JIRA or ReQtest, or both
  • Continuous synchronization between ReQtest & Jira

Free Trial: 10 days

#19. IBM Rational Quality Manager

IBM Rational Quality Manager is a collaborative, web-based tool that offers comprehensive test planning, test construction, and test artifact management features throughout the software development lifecycle.

It is designed to be used by test teams of all sizes and supports a variety of user roles, such as test manager, test architect, test lead, tester, and lab manager. The application also supports roles outside the test organization.

Other Test Case Management Tool Options

#20. TestBench
#21. Xray
#22. SpiraTest
#23. QADeputy
#24. Deviniti
#25. Panaya
#26. Bugzilla Testopia
#27. XQual
#28. QAComplete
#29. QACoverage
#30. Plutora Test
#31. Inflectra
#32. TestMonitor
#33. Borland Silk Central
#34. Gemini
#35. Fitnesse
#36. Tarantula
#37. RTH Turbo

FAQ’s – Test Case Management Tools


We have included most of the tools we have come across. If we missed any test tracking tools in the list, please share in the comments and we will include in our list of Test Management Tools. You may also want to check out our ultimate list of defect tracking tools that contains Popular Bug Tracking Tools.

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Disclaimer: The order of these test management tools doesn’t suggest any recommendations.

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