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  1. Very nice post. But still there are few things to cover. i.e. handling menus, handling Web table, handling dynamic radio buttons……….

  2. exelent sir. if you dont mind tell me the bugs concept ,how to real time face the issue,where is report it ,team lead or other

    1. Hi Lakshman, please read this to understand clearly about Bug Life Cycle.
      Once a tester finds a bug, that bug needs to be reported using reporting tools (like JIRA, QC..). Concerned person will move the bug to developers (it depends on company.. either test lead or project manager)

    1. Hi Prajwal, It depends on experience and company. I will list some common points here.
      – Participate in product design reviews to provide input on functional requirements, product design specifications and release schedules
      – Develop automated test scripts for software test validation
      – Develop automated test scripts,
      – Involvement in collection of test data and Performs test executions
      – Prepare reusable functions, which improve the robustness, reusability, and maintainability of their test scripts
      – Provides an assessment of their own anticipated work effort as input to project estimation
      – Involvement in Test reports, incidents, reports and traceability matrix
      – Document software defects, using a bug tracking system, and report defects to software developers using HP QC, Jira, and TFS
      – Work with cross functional teams to facilitate communication and adaptability within an Agile environment

  3. Hello Rajkumar, I think there’s a confusion in defining the relative xpath here in quesition 28, since it starts with double forward slash(//):

    Relative XPath starts from any node in between the HTML page to the current element’s node(last node of the element). It starts with a single forward slash(//) as shown below.

  4. Hi Raj,

    Having around 2 years of experience what is expectation level in the company when we switch to another company. Working in Data Driven testing how it will be helpful in future. Going forward ‘m interested to work in POM and various frameworks and want to develop Framework. so please let me know what are things i need to learn going forward to become pro like you 🙂

  5. Hi,
    For Question 33:
    we cannot create object to an interface, We create object to driver class (Chrome or IE or Firefox) with reference to WebDriver inteface

  6. Rajkumar,
    This is really useful for preparing interview. Also acts as guide on real time problems we encounter while day to day testing.

    Great job.

  7. Hi,

    this is very useful post and questions are helping me lot in technical interview.

    Please help for some question related to agile and scrum.

  8. Hi RajKumar,
    First of all Thank you for the nice bunch of question which help to prepare quickly for the Interview.
    I have a question regarding Q.39. Can you provide us a link as the usage of setSpeed(5000)?

    1. Hi Rajib, we used to use setspeed in Selenium IDE. Now in Selenium WebDriver we use implicit wait instead of this. The same updated in the above post.

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