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  1. who do the smoke testing tester or test lead and who has authority for accepting or rejecting build.

    1. Hi Sachin, It depends completely on the team you work. In general, if you are a tester and found that the build is not stable while doing smoke test. You need to expedite it to your Team Lead. Necessary steps will be taken to reject the build by Test Lead.

  2. In case of smoke testing, how do they decide the build is testable or not? I mean do they execute r just review or any other factors?

    1. Hi Geetanjali, Once the build is released, testers do testing the build and report back if the build is not testable. Testers pick up some test cases to do smoke testing.

    1. Hi Dibya, It is a subset of regression testing. Sanity testing aims to quickly evaluate if the new functionality, modification or bug fix is working without any issues in the existing functionality. To give you clear idea on regrssion testing. regression testing aims to evaluate if the older functionalities are still working or not after adding a new functionality, modification or bug fix in the application. Also, refer this link

  3. please give me the real example of sanity and smoke we prepare the test case sheet to describe the bug report…what we will do if we testing any application..

    1. Hi Anjali,
      Smoke: Whenever Development team releases a build, testers test that build to verify whether the software is ready for further testing. (This we do because there might be chances for build failure)
      Sanity: If the test team accepts the build then they do further testing. Due to time constraints testers sometimes dont do regirous regression testing of all the modules in the software, testers test the main funcionalities of the application without going deeper.
      Check out the below links:
      Test Case template explanation in detail
      Defect Report/Bug Report Detailed Explanation
      How To write a good bug report
      If you have any other queries, let me know. Thanks.

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