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  1. hi sir,
    i want to learn sealinium, i am now in beginner stage, but i don’t know how to start to study the selenium, please help me get out of this…… confusion..

  2. Hello sir , great job done by you !
    But sir i needed to know some real time interview questions like situation based questions of manual testing.
    It will be a great help to me sir.
    Thank you 🙂

    1. Check our interview questions category for more scenario based questions. If you didnt find, pls let me know. I will share specific links

  3. Hi,
    I really like your tutorials.Your materials are very detailed.Among the two automation tools -SELENIUM AND UFT-which one do u think is more in demand?I have learnt uft as VB script is easier.I have no knowledge of java and Iam from a non-IT background.
    thanks and regards

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