Best Test Data Management Tools in 2021

Test Data Management Tools

Are you looking for Test Data Management Tools? Here we will list out the best tools which give you high-quality data for your testing needs.

Through this article, you can get information on what is test data management and top TDM tools.

What is Test Data Management in Software Testing?

Test Data Management is the process of creating non-production data that reliably mimic actual data for fulfilling the needs of automated test processes with no or little human intervention. Based on the non-production reliable data, testers and developers can perform system tests rigorously.

What are Test Data Management Tools?

Test data management tools help organizations increase the quality of the software. These tools generate synthetic data, perform data profiling, extract and scramble data, and refresh data. Developers and testers will be more efficient in project development and testing by using these tools.

Top Test Data Management Tools

Informatica TDM Tool


Informatica Test Data management tool allows test teams to generate test data sets for their testing needs. Its key features include improves the testing productivity, sensitive data discovery and classification, data warehouse with self-service, data subset, data masking, pre-built application accelerators, and monitoring and compliance reporting.

Link: Informatica TDM

IBM InfoSphere Optim

IBM Infosphere Optim

Link: IBM InfoSphere Optim TDM

IBM InfoSphere Optim tool helps to optimize and to automate processes that create and manage nonproduction data. It allows testers to create production-like test environments. IBM test data management tool supports continuous testing, and agile requirements for development. Developers and testers can access and refresh data on demand to improve operational efficiency while providing more time in actual testing. Its key features include manages data at the business-object level, accesses data analysis capabilities, enforces test data management software policies, and automates data comparisons and analyzes results.

Microfocus Data Express

Microfocus TDM



Micro Focus Data Express is to manage the test data environment. It improves test results, reduces testing costs, secures customer data from loss or misuse, and enables accelerated delivery and privacy compliance. It helps organizations to optimize and to automate processes that create and manage production-like test environment data. Its features include reduces the time required for extracting large amounts of distributed data needed for testing, accelerates application testing, reduces storage requirements, reduces costs through shared data extraction rules, and supports data privacy and security.

Link: Microfocus Data Express


Delphix TDM

Delphix Test data tool automates the steps for provisioning test data such as target database initialization, configuration, and validation. Its key features include the end-to-end masking process by automating the discovery and auditing of sensitive data, protect sensitive data without compromising speed and agility.

Link: Delphix TDM


Datprof TDM

DATPROF platform helps developers and tester to create and request their test data using the Detprof self-service portal. Its key features include generate synthetic test data, mask privacy-sensitive test data, subset the test data you need, and automate test data provisioning. It integrates and automates various test data processes within your CI/CD pipeline to shorten time to market.

Link: Datprof

Test Data Manager (formerly CA Test Data Manager)

Test Data Manager Broadcom

Test Data Manager helps organizations automate test data management, deliver test data faster, create synthetic test data from scratch, shorten test cycles from weeks to days, and improve compliance

Link: Test Data Manager

SAP Test Data Migration Server:


SAP Test Data Migration Server is a data extraction tool that transfers relevant business data from your SAP production system to your development, test, quality assurance, or training system. SAP test data management tools allow you to create easy to maintain a production-like environment. It helps you to reduce data volume, scramble/eliminate sensitive data, automate & reduce runtime of data refreshes, allow functional teams to transfer subsets of data.

Conclusion: These tools help you to leverage a test data management strategy to subset production data while masking sensitive information.

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