Best ways to Build a Career in Artificial Intelligence

Ways To Build A Career In Artificial Intelligence

Some of the top thought leaders like Bill Gates, Mark Cuban predicts that the future of work revolves around AI. Most of the top companies are looking for the brightest and the best and willing to pay lucrative salaries. The growth of AI has increased the demand for talented professionals to help solve business challenges. There are many jobs in artificial intelligence but there is a significant shortage of professionals with required skills.

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Artificial intelligence (AI) sometimes called machine intelligence is a wide-ranging branch of computer science refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think and act like humans. AI is smart enough to perform tasks that are more complex and typically require human intelligence.

As per the Wikipedia, the term “Artificial Intelligence” is often used to describe machines or computers that mimic “cognitive” functions that humans associate with the human mind, such as “learning” and “problem-solving”.

Artificial intelligence is being used in different types of applications across different industries like military, cybersecurity, healthcare, video games, finance, transportation, manufacturing, energy, farming, economics, etc.,

Some of the examples of Artificial Intelligence are Siri (Apple’s personal assistant), Tesla (Self-driving cars), Uber (navigating routes), Computers that play chess, etc., 

There are 3 types of Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI) aka Weak AI – Machine learning – Specialises in one area and solves one platform – Narrow Capability – Present – Better than humans in one specific task (e.g. autonomous driving)

Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) aka Strong AI – Machine Intelligence – Refers to a computer that is as smart as a human across the board – General Capability – Future – Capable like humans in every task

Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI) aka Strong AI – Machine Consciousness – An intellect that is much smarter than the best human brains in practically every field – Transcendent Capability – Possible – Better than humans in every task

How to Get Started career in AI

You can start your career in AI as a newbie to the field, or a programmer or a working professional in data science.

If we take a look at leading job portals, we can find that many companies are looking for an individual who acquires a master’s or doctoral degree in Computer Science or Mathematics or Engineering or Artificial intelligence, with communication skills and with strong backgrounds in programming languages such as Java, Python, and Scala.

Some other technical skill sets that can be counted as an added advantage are experience with cloud applications such as Microsoft Azure; Big Data technologies such as Hive, Hadoop, Pig, MapReduce, Aster, Spark; statistical computing languages and programming languages such as .Net platform, C# / C++, Java, Python, Scala, TensorFlow, design patterns, scripting; data exchange technologies like JSON; experience in data warehouse design, data mining, SQL queries, and SQL Server Integration Services and background in machine learning in speech or language/text/dialog-processing fields.

Finally, communication skills play an important role in AI because it involves explaining certain critical tasks. 

Top Careers in Artificial Intelligence:

  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Machine Learning Researchers
  • Data Scientist
  • Business Intelligence Developer
  • Research Scientist
  • Big Data Engineer/Architect
  • AI Engineer
  • Data Mining and Analysis

Companies Hiring Artificial Intelligence Roles?

According to job site Glassdoor, the average AI job commands $111,118 annually.  According to LiveMint, the average AI job commands in India is Rs. 14.3 lakhs across all experience levels. AI Professionals earn a salary of 0-20 lakh, 0-50 lakh, 0-1 crore per annum for 2-4 years, 4-8 years, and 8-15 years respectively. Demand for AI has increased and organizations need professionals who have knowledge in AI. Some of the leading employers who are looking for AI talent are as follows:

Some of the leading organizations that employ the maximum number of AI professionals in India and other countries are 

  1. Amazon
  2. Microsoft
  3. Facebook 
  5. Tech Mahindra
  6. Intel
  7. Samsung
  8. Lenovo  
  9. IBM
  10. Accenture
  11. AdobeOracle
  12. Uber
  13. Wells Fargo
  14. PCO InnovationPramerica
  15. Jaguar Land Rover
  16. Fidelity Investments
  17. Aon
  18. Globoforce
  19. Capgemini
  20. Cognizant
  21. Fractal Analytics
  22. Societe Generale
  23. SAP Labs
  24. 24/7 Customer
  25. Atos 

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