Modern Problems Require Modern Solution: Automation Testing & AI

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Common challenges of automated testing in the codeless era Automated testing is mentioned in this era more and more frequently. According to Business Wire (, The Automation Testing market worldwide is projected to grow by US$17.6 billion, driven by a compounded growth of 17.7%. However, automation testing still faces many major challenges, including: Programming skills: … Read more

The 10 Best Artificial Intelligence Software in 2020 (AI Tool Reviews)

Artificial Intelligence Software

Artificial intelligence used to be seen as distrustful or even uncertain and ominous media representation like terminator hasn’t helped with that ideology. However, technology has been made more accessible and useful as ever becoming more and more prevalent in both personal and professional lives alike.  You may be even asking yourself what exactly is AI? … Read more

Best ways to Build a Career in Artificial Intelligence

Ways To Build A Career In Artificial Intelligence

Some of the top thought leaders like Bill Gates, Mark Cuban predicts that the future of work revolves around AI. Most of the top companies are looking for the brightest and the best and willing to pay lucrative salaries. The growth of AI has increased the demand for talented professionals to help solve business challenges. There are … Read more

How AI will play a critical role in the QA strategies of the future

How AI will play a critical role in the QA strategies of the future

The technology of Artificial Intelligence can be effectively leveraged in identifying glitches in the software. It can help in analytically predicting the occurrence of glitches, thereby lending heft to the QA process. Don’t Miss: AI and IoT are the practical enablers of Digital Transformation Enterprises embark upon digital transformation to achieve a host of outcomes including … Read more