• How to Perform Database Testing using Katalon Studio

    Database Testing using Katalon Studio

    Katalon Studio allows users to create custom keywords to address specific needs. With custom keywords, you can connect to databases and perform Database Testing using Katalon Studio. This tutorial describes details on how to create custom keywords for database testing in Katalon Studio.

    Check this post to download Katalon Studio

    Perform Database Testing Using Katalon Studio

    Below is a code sample demonstrating how to

    • establish a database connection
    • execute a query
    • close  the connection
    Tips: Press “Ctrl + Shift + o“ to automatically import missing libraries in test scripts.

    The Custom Keywords file will look like the following:

    Katalon Custom Keywords

    You can add the sample code above to your keyword file and modify the details as appropriate. Refer to these links for the formats of database connection strings:

    Use Defined Keywords in Test Cases for DB Testing

    1. Create new custom keywords for database connection (see above).

    2. Copy the DB script provided above and paste it into the new keyword editor as illustrated below:

    Katalon Defined Keywords

    Here is the link “Katalon Studio Complete Tutorial

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