Modern Problems Require Modern Solution: Automation Testing & AI

Integration Katalon Studio AppliTools

Common challenges of automated testing in the codeless era Automated testing is mentioned in this era more and more frequently. According to Business Wire (, The Automation Testing market worldwide is projected to grow by US$17.6 billion, driven by a compounded growth of 17.7%. However, automation testing still faces many major challenges, including: Programming skills: … Read more

Migrating your Current Selenium Tests to Katalon Studio | A Further Step in Codeless Test Automation

Migrate Selenium Tests to Katalon Studio

Selenium is considered the household name when it comes to the test automation tool market. Many organizations and testers have extolled the virtues of Selenium as the standard automation framework for web applications – from simply writing a script to checking how the webpage loads, to mimicking a real user interacting with a website. However, … Read more

Getting started with Cucumber BDD for Automation Testing

Automation Testing with Cucumber BDD in Agile Teams

Introduction In recent years, there have been more software teams increasingly implementing the Agile software methodology in their development process to adapt to this fast-changing market. This trend challenges testing teams to manage test cases and test scripts which have to be maintained according to changing requirements. Finding an appropriate testing method right from the … Read more