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Kualitee Test Management Tool

Introduction – Kualitee Test Managment Tool:

In a holistic test management tool, the user can work in a single all-in-one solution that helps them in the testing process from start to end. Kualitee is such a solution, a one-stop test management tool which offers multiple popular features along with powerful integrations with names such as Jenkins, Bitbucket, Selenium, Jira, Redmine, etc. A wholesome defect management tool also provides APIs that can integrate the tool with any and all third-party applications, creating a seamless and streamlined experience for easier follow-ups, tracking and reporting

Kualitee Test Management Tool


An All-in-One Test Management Solution

There is a wide range of test management tools available worldwide, each with a unique set of features which may work perfectly for a niche of testers. Some of these only offer test executions, others offer issue tracking, a few work as add-ons, and a select few can be integrated easily with third-party apps. Kualitee, the complete test management tool, stands out among the competition by offering its users a one-stop solution which covers all aspects of the testing process like test case management, test case execution, issue tracking, and custom reporting.

An Easy-to-Use Powerful Test Management Tool

Testing teams are responsible for extracting client requirements into test cases and execute these test cases to record bugs for failed test scenarios. As the requirements evolve, it becomes challenging to recreate test cases while managing previous requirements. Powerful test_management_tools such as Kualitee help in simplifying this testing process for testers. It is a test management software that is used to create, execute and manage test cases efficiently, allowing for traceability back to the origin point. You do all your requirements planning within Kualitee and associate those test scenarios with those requirements to get complete visibility at all levels.

Efficient Test Case Management and Execution

With Kualitee, any meaningful information is easily accessible at anytime from anywhere to make informed data-driven decisions. It takes the data from visually bland spreadsheets and displays it in a meaningful predictive graphics dashboard. A complete test template designed for QA professionals to keep track of everything important. This aids the QA and software development process by being easily recognizable and understandable via aesthetic chunks of useful information. Its powerful dashboard functions as a hub and generates reports that provide visual data and analytic capabilities for various projects. It offers a 360° view of a project’s current status. All that is required is a simple login to view updated reports, test cases, test scenarios, bug reports, analytics, etc.

An Independent or Integrated Defect Management

Kualitee covers all your defect management needs. It makes bug tracking easier. Its features allow you to detect, record, organize and track all bugs in one place. It can be synced with other tools to support better defect management. It also works independently and within test case management for better resolution. The tool provides testers with complete traceability from the report bug to the executed test case, requirement, and the build. It offers customizable fields that can be integrated within the tool and third-party tools. It can also create templates with attachments and/or screenshots of the test cases. The customized reports help managers view the status of the app being tested in a quick digestible overview.

Integrations with Power CI, Automation and Issue Tracking Tools

The best test management tool adds visibility to software testing without disrupting existing technologies. It integrates data from various testing tools across multiple projects. As such, our test management tool delivers visibility throughout the entire software testing process with its seamless integration with various tools. It works efficiently with power CIs such as Jenkins and Bitbucket pipelines. Its test automation framework is powered by Selenium which helps with object mapping, reporting, time-out handling, etc. by running scripts in the Selenium-supported test environment. It also strategically integrates with issue tracking tools such as Jira, Redmine, and others. There are several APIs available to integrate Kualitee with any third-party application.


As a complete test management tool preferred by testers, project managers and developers. Kualitee ensures a feature-rich all-in-one solution. Sign_up today for your Free Plan to see how Kualitee can help you.

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