• Reasons Why You Need Scriptless Test Automation in Agile

    Currently, mobile apps are more feature-rich and complex that can undergo frequent changes. In Agile / DevOps, the release cycles are very short and therefore it requires the development teams to speed up. They can use variant methodologies for adjusting according to the app requirements.

    Now-a-days, the developers are using less to no coding frameworks to match the DevOps speed.

    In IT sectors, the development is running at a super-fast pace but the testing is not conquering the same speed. Therefore, it is mandatory for the testers to dump traditional testing methods which fail at testing complex apps.

    Testing teams should adopt automated test processes in order to keep up with the DevOps advancements when compared to manual testing as it is suitable for changing app needs as per requirements to improve effectiveness and coverage.

    So, how does going scriptless be beneficial to testers? How does scriptless test automation lead to continuous delivery and more test suites?

    Reasons Why You Need Scriptless Test Automation in Agile

    Why the Scriptless Test Automation is Important?

    Scriptless test automation empowers the testers to gush over the best techniques by discarding away the traditional tactics for your business to automate the test cases without even coding a single piece of the process. Such trouble to code is taken care of by all the scriptless automation tools where you can perform the test automation without worrying for the need of code. This helps in achieving faster results by reducing the time of understanding the code.

    Eliminates Code development

    Automation testing is the sort to be more efficient because it is not depending on any toolset hence you do not need expert help for QTP, SoapUI or Selenium. Addition to this, the scriptless automation allows the manual tests to build scripts for making use of objects to give you an option for changing the technologies as they evolve by discarding the vendor lock-in. All you need is to learn is a single user experience and all complexities related to tool or language which are hidden by well-designed scriptless tools.

    Effective Time Management

    The faster you automate the faster your product reaches the market. By using scriptless automation testing, your testing team can automate large suite tests easily and due to the faster delivery speed, it also speeds up the ‘go-to-market’ time which comes in handy during major software releases. Also, faster automation allows detecting the bugs at an early phase during the software development lifecycle.

    Budget-friendly and optimized cost reduction

    Organizations can save more bucks on training resources in order to scripting skills or hire an expensive resource for the same purpose. By approaching towards the scriptless automation, you tend to save more bucks and even the time spent after the traditional testing methods. Manual testers are also using scriptless test automation just to make sure that their knowledge get successfully utilized as well.

    After moving to automation testing, the engineers can take it up to the next level by doing things like integrated DevOps pipelines, integration, and unit testing and white box testing and much more as they can also contribute to the designing of the test suites built with the scriptless approach.

    Bridges the Gap between Techie and Non-techie

    For non-tech people like Business analysts and other subject matter experts, coding has always been an alien language and they want to stay away from automated testing environments because of its complex coding. Henceforth, moving towards the scriptless automation empowers the testers to deeply engage in the process by making use of various strategies by bridging the gap between the technical automation knowledge and domain expertise. Overall, it helps to ensure that the product is tested on a repetitive basis in order to reduce the probability of the software malfunctioning after release.

    Easy to Maintain and Reliable

    With the help of scriptless test automation, you can implement automated testing in easy ways as it allows you to test suits in a well-structured and seamless method. This is essential as the maintenance phase is often the longest and complex phase in the software lifecycle. You can get over it with the scriptless test automation by making changes in the test suites by increasing agility and response times.

    Bottom Line

    Scriptless automation is an ideal solution to shift over traditional methods for agile development. This can begin at an early stage and becomes an ideal choice for CD/DevOps practices. Nowadays, all the functional testers and even Stakeholders can participate in the test automation to ensure better user experience. Keep Learning!

    Author Bio:

    Kibo Hutchinson working as a Technology Analyst at Tatvasoft UK which provides software development services in UK. She has a keen interest in learning latest practices in the development so she is spending her most of the time on the Internet navigating the unique topics and technology trends.

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