14 Top Free Facebook Video Downloader Software in 2021

Facebook Video Downloader Software

Do you want to download your favorite Facebook videos? Here is the curated list of Best Free Facebook Video Downloader Software for 2021 and beyond. 

While scrolling through your Facebook feeds, there are times when you might come across a video that catches your attention. You share it in your feed or might even tag your friends and family.

You might even wish to download the video for viewing it again without the internet or logging into your FB account. After all, we love watching videos on FB, and be able to save them will be awesome.

Downloading videos from Facebook is possible. All you need is the right FB video downloader that will help save the videos directly from Facebook with ease.

There are so many options on the internet, choosing the right Facebook video downloader can be challenging.

How would you know which tools or software are safe? In case, you love watching videos and want to have fun by downloading videos from Facebook, then you must know the right software tool that can assist you in easy downloading.

Below, I have compiled the list of 14 top-rated Facebook Video Downloader. You can select any of these to download FB videos.

Disclaimer: We at Software Testing Material don’t encourage or support downloading copyright videos in violation of the Facebook terms and conditions. Most of the videos on Facebook are copy-right protected by the video owners. Get permission from the video owner to legally download videos using the following video downloader application. 

Comparison of Free Facebook Video Downloaders

Check the comparison of Facebook Video Downloaders that you’ll find in this article.

FB Video SaverWindows, macOS, or Linux.FacebookMP4Free
fbdownloaderWindows, macOS, or Linux.FacebookMP4Free
4K Video DownloaderWindows, macOS, or Linux.Facebook, YouTube, VimeoVimeo, etc.,MP4, MP3, M4A, OGGFree/Paid
GetfVidWindows, macOS, or Linux.FacebookMP4, MP3Free
QDownloaderWindows, macOS, iOS, Linux, or AndroidFacebook, YouTube, Twitter, InstagramMP4Free
KeepVidWindows, macOS, iOS, Linux, or AndroidFacebook, YouTube, VimeoVimeo, etc.,MP4, MP3Free
ClipGrabWindowsFacebook, YouTube, VimeoMPEG4, MP3Free
Savefrom.netWindows, macOS, or Linux.Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, etc.,MP4, MP3Free
iTubeWindows, macOSFacebook, YouTube, Vimeo, etc.,MP4, MP3Free
SaveAs.COWindows, macOS, iOS, Linux, or AndroidFacebookMP4Free
iDownloaderWindows, macOS, or Linux.FacebookMP4Free
FileVidWindows, macOS, or Linux.FacebookMP4Free
Social Video DownloaderWindowsFacebookMP4Free
Facebook Video Downloader (for Firefox)WindowsFacebookMP4Free

Best Free Facebook Video Downloaders

#1. FB Video Saver


The first on the list is a simple and easy to use tool – FB Video Saver. If you are looking to download Facebook videos easily in high definition, then this tool is what you need. All you have to do is copy the FB video URL, and then paste the link into the search box and click download.

FB video saver will convert the video URL into the download link, and you can easily save videos in SD or HD quality. It also allows you to download private Facebook videos.

Website Link: FB Video Saver

#2. fbdownloader


The next tool is FB download. It is basically a website with a simple web interface where you can save all your videos from Facebook. With this website, you can save any Facebook video in standard-quality and MP4 format. It also offers the feature of converting videos to MP3 audio files.

Also, this tool is completely free and compatible with every platform, including Android, iPhone, and Windows. 

Website Link: FB Downloader

#3. 4K Video Downloader

4K Video Downloader

4K Video Download offers great features that are very much helpful for the Video fanatics. With this tool, you can download videos from Facebook, Youtube, and Vimeo. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu.

4K Video Download software offers various types of services such as Video to MP3 conversion, Audio to MP3 conversion, and so on. The entire process is completed successfully with the help of an easy-to-use interface that is very user friendly.

You can convert the video files on your computer and enjoy the high-quality output without losing the original quality. It is the most popular Facebook video downloader HD Software available in the market that helps you convert the video files without losing the quality.

Website Link: 4k Video Downloader

#4. GetfVid


GetfVid is among the most effective way to convert or download either the Facebook videos to MP3 or other formats as per your need. Nowadays, the demand for video clips on Facebook has increased to a large extent. It has brought a new life to the social networking site and also the manner of entertainment too.

Moreover, there are many other advanced functions of GetfVid such as convert to flash, convert to HTML, rename the video file, and edit in different modes including 360-degree mode and rotation, etc.

The greatest benefit of using this software for the purpose of downloading or converting the video files you want to share with your friends, family, or colleagues, to name a few, is that it is available absolutely free of cost!

Website Link: GetFVid

#5. QDownloader


It is another free online tool where you can save videos from websites like Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter. It is very fast and efficient.

The platform is user-friendly and interactive, something you should definitely try if you don’t want to download any application.

Website Link: QDownloader

#6. KeepVid


KeepVid is a popular free Facebook video downloader app, which enables you to conveniently download videos from Facebook, YouTube, and many other video sharing websites. This software is easy to use and provides an interactive user interface.

KeepVid allows the user to quickly and easily download videos, music, and photos from a variety of sources on their mobile phone. The app can be directly downloaded from the website or through the application store.

This type of software offers fast and easy downloads of music videos, music albums, and other files from the internet. KeepVid Android lets you quickly locate and pick your desired media files, such as images, text, video, games, apps, and so forth.

You can then enjoy them right on your mobile device, without having to worry about downloading and installing a separate media player app. KeepVid is completely free to use.

KeepVid Android has been designed with a user-friendly interface so that anyone familiar with android can easily navigate the site. Even if you’re completely new to android device downloads, this program is easy enough to understand.

Users of this app can download, manage, copy, and install any type of media file that they need. KeepVid is especially helpful to those users who are constantly traveling and need to carry their videos with them wherever they go. It’s an excellent choice for downloading videos for the masses.

Website Link: KeepVid

#7. ClipGrab


It is a very powerful YouTube downloader. But, it also lets you download videos from other platforms like Facebook. It captures video streams from anywhere on the web. With the ClipGrab app, you can easily download any type of video and watch it on your system.

Clipgrab is one of the simplest and most efficient video downloading tools on the internet today. The fact that it’s open-source also means that it’s free software, which means no large upfront costs for you. It also boasts over 120 functions that allow you to customize it according to your needs.

All you need to do is download your chosen video, import it into the program, and start converting your favorite videos into high-quality audio files. Convert videos that you want to share with your friends and family, and make sure they come out looking and sounding great!

ClipGrab is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Unfortunately, there still isn’t any software created for iOS.

Website Link: ClipGrab

#8. Savefrom.net


Savefrom.net is a Facebook Video Downloader Online free and an application that helps you to save videos from different sources on the web, including Facebook, in high-quality.

You can paste the URL of any video and download it. For Google Chrome users, an extension is also available for downloading purposes. It is compatible with browsers, like Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

Website Link: SaveFrom

#9. iTube


iTube is a powerful video conversion and downloaders tools. The simplicity of the setup and usage is very encouraging and, once set up, simply uses the phone’s web browser to transfer and download the videos you want to watch from your computer or phone.

A great plus of this is that there are no extra monthly charges for using the app. One more positive point about iTube is that you have access to thousands of television and movies through its powerful streaming services. This tool can download content from over 10,000 websites.

This is a particularly attractive feature for those who are watching a large number of streaming media and maybe experiencing buffering issues with their iPhone or Android device. An additional plus for downloading video through iTube is that your content remains free from viruses and malware.

Website Link: iTube

#10. SaveAs.CO


It is another simple online tool where you can download Facebook videos and convert them to MP4 files. There is no need for any software download. You can use this tool in case, other websites mentioned above are down.

SaveAs enables you to save videos on computers, tablets, and mobile devices [Android Devices and iOS].

Website Link: SaveAs

#11. iDownloader


iDownloader is another website from where you can download FB videos in high-quality. All you have to do is paste the URL of the video in the search box and click on “Go”. The website will process your request and download the file in MP4 format only.

This tool works on both desktop (Windows and Mac) and smartphones (Android and Apple).

Website Link: iDownloader

#12. FileVid


FileVid is another plug-and-play Facebook video download on the list. It offers great convenience to users as you can download videos from Facebook with a single click.

It also offers a fast download speed along with the excellent quality of the video. As far as the service offered by FileVid is concerned, it is great as all you need is an internet connection, and you can have a look at any video you want to without any difficulty. It works perfectly fine on every device, and you won’t face any difficulty at all.

Website Link: FileVid

#13. Social Video Downloader

Social Video Downloader

It is another efficient and powerful Facebook video downloader. Social Video Downloader has been designed by XoftSpy and is an extremely popular video download for Windows OS.

It’s free software that is easy to use for all Windows-based computers. It’s a powerful multi-media download manager for Microsoft Windows. It comes with an installer that allows you to install and configure it on your PC. Both HTTPS and HTTP protocols are fully supported. It will also handle all sorts of file types, such as mp3 and flv.

The best thing about Social Video Downloader is its amazing features and functions. You can easily download videos, audio, and music from all the popular video sharing websites and other services, such as YouTube. The program is completely safe and reliable.

Social Video Downloader also gives you several features such as downloading videos in different formats, playing them directly from your hard drive, scheduling future downloads, etc. And best of all, this free software is easy to install and run.

All you have to do is download the app, launch it will automatically detect all your devices, and perform the necessary tasks. It is so easy to use that you can perform multiple tasks and make the most of your time with the best video downloader tool for Windows.

Website Link: Social Video Downloader

#14. Facebook Video Downloader (for Firefox)

Facebook Video Downloader

If you’re a Firefox user, then you can download Facebook Video Downloader available on Firefox.

The Free Facebook Video Downloader is also very easy to use. All you need to do is select the file and just click on the ‘activate’ button. That’s it; you are done with your task.

In order to use the Facebook video downloader, you just need to click on the ‘activate’ button. And then just follow the simple step by step instructions given on the screen. You don’t have to worry about any technicalities as the instructions are presented in an easy to understand way.

The conversion process is very simple. All you need to do is just point the URL of the video file on the Free FB Video Downloader website, and that is it.

Website Link: Facebook Video Downloader (for Firefox)


These were some of the top 14 Facebook downloader tools available on the internet for free. By using these tools, you can easily download videos from Facebook in no time. I hope this list will help you out. If you have any queries, reach out to us.


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