Parallel Test Execution In TestNG [Parallel Execution & MultiThreading]

Parallel Test Execution In TestNG:

There are situations where we want to run multiple tests with same or different browsers at the same time. In such cases, we can use “parallel” attribute in testng.xml to accomplish parallel test execution in TestNG

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The parallel attribute of suite tag can accept four values:

tests – All the test cases inside <test> tag of testng.xml file will run parallel

classes – All the test cases inside a java class will run parallel

methods – All the methods with @Test annotation will execute parallel

instances – Test cases in same instance will execute parallel but two methods of two different instances will run in different thread.

let us look at example of Parallel Test execution in TestNG.

In the below program, I took two methods. First methods opens Firefox driver and navigate to and closes the browser. Second methods opens Chrome driver and navigate to the same URL and closes the browser.

testng.xml file without mentioning parallel attribute:

After running the testng.xml using the above mentioned code, first you could see the firefox browser in action and then you can see the chrome driver in action.

To run both the browsers in parallel, use the below code in your testng.xml file.

Once you run the testng.xml using the above code, you could see both the browsers in action at a time.

Here in the above testng.xml file, I have passed parallel=methods and thread-count=2 at the suite level. I would like to execute selenium scripts in parallel in different threads. Most of the times, these two methods will execute in different threads. Thread Id may vary on every run. Here we are just passing thread count but we are not assigning any thread id, assigning thread id will be taken care by your system processor.

You could find the complete TestNG tutorial here.

TestNG Complete Tutorial

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  1. Thank you for the b’ful blog.

    Just for interview wanted to know what all challenges we face in parallel execution. If there any related to static keyword or AUTOIT/Robot class. Please help me out that how to tackle it?

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