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How To Skip TestNG Test:

Let’s see how to skip TestNG test deliberately. Sometimes we may face a situation where our test cases might not be ready and we need to skip those tests from running. One way of skipping a test method is by using throw new SkipException() exception.
Scenario: Skip TestNG Test, If a condition met else continue execution.
Let see a sample WebDriver test case example where I have placed SkipException() inside if condition to Intentionally skip that test.
Note: Once SkipException() thrown, remaining part of that test method will not be executed and control will goes directly to next test method execution.
Scenario 1: 
Let me show you how the below program works by commenting the “throw new SkipException()” in the if condition. 
In the output console, we could see “out of loop” from first test method “aSkipTest” and No need to skip this test from second test method “nonSkipTest”

 Output Console:

Scenario 1: 
I will uncomment the “throw new SkipException()” in the if condition. 

 Output Console:

Skip exception thrown and the remaining part of the first test method “aSkipTest” not executed and control reached to second test method “nonSkipTest” and printed the value as “No need to skip this test”
You could find the complete TestNG tutorial here.

TestNG Complete Tutorial

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