How To Generate TestNG Reports | TestNG Tutorial

TestNG Reports:

TestNG Reports come in to the picture once we execute the test cases using TestNG. Once we execute test cases using TestNG, it will generate a default HTML report. Let’s see this process of generating TestNG Reports in detail.

I have created a basic script and mentioned below.

It has three methods namely passTest, failTest and skipTest with @Test annotation.

TestNG.xml file

Execute the testng.xml file and refresh the project. You could see your project similar to the below mentioned image.

TestNG Default Report

Navigate to ‘test-output’ folder. Now you should find a report ”emailable-report.html‘. This is the default report generated by TestNG.

TestNG Default Report

Open emailable -report.html using any browser of your choice. Report will be like as shown below:

TestNG Default Report

You could find the complete TestNG tutorial here.

TestNG Complete Tutorial

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