• Katalon Studio GUI Overview

    Katalon Studio provides a lot of features for automation testing such as recording and playback, object spy, debugging or generating reports… This section gives you a quick introduction about the main GUIs (Graphical User interface) of all supported features in Katalon Studio.

    This tutorial includes screenshots and explanation about:

    • Tool bar
    • Tests Explorer View
    • Keywords Browser View
    • Editors
      o Test Case Editor
      o Test Object Editor
      o Web Service Editor
      o Test Suite Editor
      o Test Suite Collection Editor
      o Data File Editor
    o Checkpoint Editor
    o Keyword Editor
    – Global Variables View
    – Job Progress View
    – Problems View
    – Console View
    – Log Viewer View
    – Search View
    – Report View
    – Test Suite Collection Report View

    That’s all about Katalon Studio’s GUI. Hope you are ready to create your first test case with Katalon Studio.

    But first, let’s download the tool and read more useful tutorial articles from Katalon Studio Resource Center.

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