How To Launch Edge Browser Using Microsoft WebDriver

How To Launch Edge Browser Using Microsoft WebDriver:

Pre-requisites to use Edge with Selenium WebDriver:

  • Windows 10
  • Microsoft WebDriver

Download Microsoft WebDriver from here to launch Edge Browser. Download the proper version of the driver based on your OS build number. If the extension of the downloaded file is “.msi“, you need to install it to get the “.exe” driver.

Here in this post, we see how to run Selenium WebDriver Script in Edge Browser using Microsoft WebDriver

Assuming that you have already Installed Selenium WebDriver.

If you want to install Selenium WebDriver, click on the link below to install Selenium WebDriver in few clicks.

How To Download And Install Selenium WebDriver

Each and every browser has its own Driver to execute Selenium WebDriver Scripts. Selenium WebDriver supports browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari etc.,

How to Run Selenium Webdriver Script in Firefox browser – Old Version
How to Run Selenium Webdriver Script in Firefox browser – Gecko Driver
How to Run Selenium Webdriver Script in Internet Explorer
How to Run Selenium WebDriver Script in Chrome Browser

Execute the following script to launch Edge browser. It first lanuches Edge Browser and then open appropriate URL mentioned in the script. In order to launch Edge Browser, we need to specify the system property with the path of the MicrosoftWebDriver.exe file.


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