• Top 25 IoT Devices Of All Time

    Top IoT Devices

    Here we will see list of IoT Devices along with their features.

    In recent times, technological progress has gained prominence with its integration to most of the devices around us.

    When it comes to turning your electronic devices into smart devices, IoT is one of the most trending technological fields that can do a good turn. Connect your devices to the internet and enjoy the luxury of smart devices.

    The lighting system, surveillance system, transportation system, and almost everything around us is on the verge of technological transformation with IoT.

    This technology has become a topic of conversation because of its wide range of applications. IoT devices have found their usage in almost every industry.

    What is IoT?

    IoT Devices

    The Internet of Things (IoT) can be referred to as a system of connected devices with an ability to transfer data over the network.

    You don’t need a human-to-computer or human-to-human interaction for transferring the data. Machines are connected through the internet to perform desirable tasks.

    These machines are referred to as ‘things’ and as they are connected to the internet, the technology is called the Internet of Things.

    What is IoT Devices?

    IoT devices are digitally connected devices that connect wirelessly to a network and streamline the flow of data over the network.

    What are some examples of IoT devices?

    Some of the well-known IoT devices examples include smart speakers like Google Home or Amazon Alexa, smartwatches like Apple watch or Fitbit, medical sensors, laptops, smartphones, internet-connected baby monitors, smart alarms, smart door locks, smart security systems, smart bicycles, etc.,

    IoT Devices Lifecycle

    A plethora of industries can leverage IoT devices to make their processes smarter than before. But like every other device, IoT devices should also be taken care of and managed to make them work for longer.

    The lifecycle of IoT devices has six steps. These steps are as mentioned below.


    In this step, devices get registered and obtain a unique identifier. The device is connected with the network and then configured. The IoT device is checked if it is able to send data for effectuating operations.


    Telemetry data is sent to the IoT device to check the status of the device. If required, actions such as sending maintenance alerts are taken before the device reaches failure.


    In this step, detailed information about the IoT device is received using a diagnostic tool. This data received determines if experts need to go to the field for device examination.


    This step can be performed remotely also as it can reduce the expenses of sending an expert to the field. Static information of the device is availed to understand the steps, such as running diagnostic, to be taken next.


    Firmware updates and security patches are sent to the device and then installed. IoT devices are necessary to be updated from time to time for performing well.


    IoT devices can go offline when the device fails or the version gets outdated. It is necessary to have a mechanism for preventing data losses and safe device uninstallation.

    Advantages Of the Internet of Things Devices

    • IoT contributes to reducing maintenance costs.
    • It enhances machine-to-machine interaction.
    • It automates your operations and offers good control.
    • The automation of operation reduces manual work.
    • It increases your efficiency and productivity.
    • IoT enhances the quality of life.
    • IoT provides you agility and mobility.

    Best Internet of Things (IoT) Devices

    Now you know what IoT is and how IoT devices benefit its users. If you want to leverage IoT devices and make your life smarter, then we have crafted a list of top IoT devices available in the market. Here you go!

    #1. Google Home

    When it comes to automation and technology, Google has its hands on almost everything. Google Home has potentially unlocked new possibilities. Say “Hey Google!” to get your task done.

    Key Features

    • Google Home has voice control.
    • Ask questions about anything and get answers in seconds with Google Home.
    • Play music, control smart home, set alarms, find your lost phone, and much more just through the voice assistant.

    Cost: $159.00*

    Website: Google Home

    #2. Amazon Echo Plus

    Amazon is nowhere lagging in IoT technology. Amazon Echo Plus is among the most celebrated IoT devices of Amazon. Just tell Alexa what to do and get this IoT device to work on your voice command.

    Key Features

    • Amazon Echo Plus dispenses 360-degree audio.
    • Multiple room music to play music in various compatible echo devices in different rooms.
    • Amazon Echo Plus has a temperature control interface.

    Cost: $149.99

    Website: Amazon Echo Plus

    #3. Amazon Dash Button

    Another IoT innovation of Amazon is Amazon Dash Button that can re-order your household items by just pressing the Dash Button. You need to avail Amazon Prime Membership for utilizing Amazon Dash Button completely.

    Key Features

    • Amazon Dash Button has a press-a-button mechanism to order products in seconds.
    • This IoT device saves you a lot of your time.
    • It enables you to place orders from eminent brands, such as Tide, Bounty, Glad, Clorox, etc.
    • It improves the quality of life and makes your life easy and simple.

    Cost: US $ 4.99

    Website: Amazon Dash Button

    #4. August Doorbell Cam

    One of the ground-breaking IoT devices is August Doorbell Cam. This IoT device keeps a check on your doors and enables you to answer your doors remotely.

    Key Features

    • August Doorbell Cam does 24-hour recording for free.
    • This IoT device is integrated with floodlight. It delivers a full-color HD video.
    • It has a hassle-free installation process.
    • It can be paired-up with August Smart Locks for opening the doors.

    Cost: US $ 199

    Website: August Doorbell Cam

    #5. August Smart Lock

    August Smart Lock is the IoT device that can let you go without keys. This security IoT device shuts your door when you move out and opens automatically when you come into the proximity.

    Key Features

    • August Smart Lock offers unlimited digital keys.
    • This IoT device has an easy installation process.
    • It informs you about every person going out and coming in.
    • It comes with an auto-unlock feature and updates you if the door is not closed properly.

    Cost: US $220

    Website: August Smart Lock

    #6. Kuri Mobile Robot

    Kuri Mobile Robot is an IoT-powered small-sized robot. If you are a fan of candids, let this IoT device roam in your house and click the moments with the HD camera.

    Key Features

    • Kuri Mobile Robot comes with an HD camera, touch sensors, heart light, and speakers.
    • It comes with a charging pad.
    • It has microphones and gestural mechanics.

    Cost: US $700

    Website: Kuri Mobile Robot

    #7. Belkin WeMo Smart Light Switch

    Control the lights in your home with Belkin WeMo Smart Light Switch. This IoT-powered smart light switch connects with your Wi-Fi network and allows you to control your home lights from your voice or mobile.

    Key Features

    • Belkin WeMo Smart Light Switch has an easy on/off mechanism.
    • This IoT device has an easy installation process.
    • It comes with a Wi-Fi indicator and night light.
    • It does not require screws for installation. It has a clip-on faceplate.

    Cost: US $49.99

    Website: Belkin WeMo Smart Light Switch

    #8. Foobot Air Quality Monitor

    IoT devices can improve the quality of air in your home. One such device is the Foobot Air Quality Monitor. It can measure indoor pollution with accuracy to let you breathe pollution-free air.

    Key Features

    • Foobot Air Quality Monitor cleans the air pollution in your home or workplace.
    • This IoT device comes with an easy installation process.
    • It keeps a check on temperature and humidity levels.

    Cost: US $199

    Website: Foobot Air Quality Monitor

    #9. Flow Air Pollution Monitor

    The peculiarity of this IoT device is it is portable. It monitors the air composition around you and shows the best results on your mobile.

    Key Features

    • Flow Air Pollution Monitor comes with a vegan leather strap and notifies you about the air quality around.
    • This IoT device has an easy installation process and comes with a user guide.
    • It is equipped with the capacitive touch on the body.
    • It has a stainless steel body and RGB LEDs.

    Cost: US $129

    Website: Flow Air pollution

    #10. Nest Smoke Alarm

    Nest Smoke Alarm is an effective security IoT device for your office or home. This IoT device sends alerts to your mobile in an emergency to avoid accidents. It is also capable of helping firefighters in navigating through the location.

    Key Features

    • Nest Smoke Alarm is easy to install.
    • This IoT device can be set up using an iPad, Android, or iPhone.
    • Certain colors, such as red, yellow, green in it helps in communication with the user as per the circumstances.
    • It does not need any additional hardware to manage alarms.

    Cost: US $119

    Website: Nest Smoke Alarm

    #11. Nest T3021US Learning Thermostat

    Nest T3021US Learning Thermostat takes control of your home’s heating and cooling as per your preferences. This IoT device learns about your routine and works on voice commands through Alexa. It also saves on your electricity bills.

    Key Features

    • Nest Thermostat works on voice control with Alexa.
    • This IoT device is compatible with numerous devices.
    • It adapts to the room temperature and saves electricity.

    Cost: US $249

    Website: Nest thermostat

    #12. Philips Hue Bulbs and Lighting System

    If you are looking for a smart wireless lighting system, Phillips Hue Bulbs and Lighting System is at your service. You can control the lights of your home and change the ambiance for different moments.

    Key Features

    • Phillips Hue Bulbs and Lightning System can be controlled remotely.
    • This IoT device allows you to create ambiance as per your mood.
    • It can be synced with movies and music in your home.

    Cost: From US $30 to US $100

    Website: Philips Hue

    #13. Bitdefender BOX IoT Security Solution

    Bitdefender Box is one of the most innovative IoT security solutions. You can keep all the IoT devices in your home safe from identity theft, malware, spying, etc. This is a complete smart home cybersecurity hub.

    Key Features

    • Bitdefender BOX has a high-performance ratio.
    • This IoT device is equipped with award-winning technology.
    • The users get Double-Clad Home Network Security.
    • It comes with a parental control feature.

    Cost: US $ 149.99

    Website: Bitdefender Box

    #14. Ring Doorbell

    Ring Doorbell is a renowned name in IoT-powered home security devices. It protects your home with security cameras and allows you to answer the door directly from your mobile.

    Key Features 

    • Ring Doorbells has Double-Clad Home Network Security.
    • This IoT device records HD videos.
    • It is equipped with a motion detection sensor and night vision.
    • It comes with interchangeable faceplates.

    Cost: From US $99.99 to US $499

    Website: Ring Doorbells

    #15. WeMo Insight Smart Plug

    One more smart lighting switch on our list is WeMo Insight smart plug. You can use this IoT device to control your home lights and appliances remotely.

    Key Features

    • WeMo Insights Smart Plug creates schedules & rules.
    • This IoT device is easy to install.
    • It shares insights on the usage of energy at home.
    • Can operate with both IOS and Android devices.
    • It works on the voice commands from Google and Alexa both.

    Cost: US $49.99

    Website: WeMo smart plug

    #16. Logitech Harmony Universal Remote

    If you are looking to control your smart home from one device, Logitech Harmony Universal Remote can be a reliable option.

    Key Features

    • Logitech Harmony Universal Remote is easy to set up through your computer.
    • This IoT device is equipped with the features of up to 8 remotes.
    • It can support over 5000 brands and also allows you to add new brands.

    Cost: From US $49.99 to US $349.99

    Website: Logitech Harmony

    #17. Particle Photon Wi-Fi with Headers

    Particle Photon Wi-Fi allows you to create connection projects easily. This IoT device can turn prototyping easy owing to the plugins.

    Key Features

    • Particle Photon Wi-Fi comes with the open-source design.
    • This IoT device is equipped with pre-soldered headers.
    • It has a real-time operating system, RGB LED, and a particle Wi-Fi module.

    Cost: From US $19 to US $25

    Website: Particle Photon Wi-Fi

    #18. NETGEAR Orbi Ultra-Performance

    NETGEAR Orbi Ultra-Performance is developed to handle the entire Wi-Fi system in your home. It can cover your house with speedy Wi-Fi while working with your current internet provider.

    Key Features

    • NETGEAR Orbi Ultra-Performance is easy to install using the Orbi app.
    • This IoT device gets you rid of buffering and Wi-Fi dead zones.
    • It provides good data transmission speed to multiple devices at a time.
    • It lets you do a quick status check by pausing the Wi-Fi.

    Cost: US $323.99

    Website: NETGEAR Orbi

    #19. Samsung SmartThings Hub

    Samsung SmartThings Hub is your one place solution to control your entire smart home. This IoT device is the central hub to control your smart speakers, lights, plugs, thermostat, etc.

    Key Features

    • Samsung SmartThings Hub allows you to control your entire smart home from your mobile.
    • This IoT device has several security features for providing security to the electrical devices in the home.
    • It can be used through Android and IOS devices.
    • It can be integrated with Alexa and Google to work on voice commands.

    Cost: US $69.99

    Website: Samsung SmartThings Hub

    #20. Petnet Smart Pet Feeder

    Petnet Smart Pet Feeder is one of its kind IoT devices. You do not have to stay at home always to feed your pet. It can dispense the right amount of food for your pets at the right time using smart technology.

    Key Features

    • Petnet Smart Pet Feeder can be operated from mobile using the SmartFeeder app.
    • This IoT device can serve the right portion at the scheduled time for your pet.
    • It can recommend the food portion by evaluating the weight, age, and activity of your pet.
    • It sends you an alert when your pet is fed.
    • Compatible with both Android and IOS devices.

    Cost: US $149

    Website: Petnet Smart Pet Feeder

    #21. AWS Snowcone

    AWS Snowcone is a small IoT device developed to gather, process, and transfer data from IoT sensors to the AWS cloud. It is used for remote or extreme conditions, such as oil rigs, military operations, hospitals, etc.

    Key Features

    • AWS Snowcone can be deployed virtually.
    • This IoT device has 8 terabytes of usable storage, 2 CPUs, Wi-Fi access, and much more.
    • It uses Trusted Platform Modules (TPM).
    • It can be operated in extreme temperatures.
    • Allows flexible data transferring and networking.

    Cost: Starts from $60 per job

    Website: AWS Snowcone

    #22. CoreKinect TankTrack

    CoreKinect TankTrack is designed to monitor the storage tank level on the farm. You can keep a check on your fuel and fertilizers on the farm with this IoT device.

    Key Features

    • CoreKinect TankTrack is a battery-powered asset tracker.
    • This IoT device is customizable.
    • It can be attached to the storage tank with the help of four permanent magnets.
    • It sends readings to your smartphone.

    Cost: Not Known

    Website: CoreKinect TankTrack

    #23. Lenovo ThinkCentre M75n IoT

    Lenovo ThinkCentre M75n IoT is an ultra-small laptop that can survive the temperature of up to 122-degrees F. This IoT device is powered by AMD Athlon processors.

    Key Features

    • Lenovo ThinkCentre M75n IoT can collect and analyze data from various sources, including cameras, displays, sensors, etc.
    • This IoT device can operate in extreme temperatures of up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit.
    • It supports Bluetooth, 4G/LTE WWAN, LPWAN, and Wi-Fi.

    Cost: Starts from $329

    Website: Lenovo ThinkCentre M75n IoT

    #24. Mixtile Edge

    If you are concerned about the privacy of your home’s processing, you can reliably opt for Mixtile Edge. This IoT device forms an IoT network by connecting all the devices and gateways to keep you away from the cloud.

    Key Features

    • Mixtile Edge can easily fit in your home without disturbing aesthetics.
    • This IoT device eradicates the need of sharing data with a third-party to keep privacy.
    • It has up to 1 TB of SSD storage space.
    • It is equipped with a high-speed neutral processing unit and a strong CPU.
    • Compatible with 56 brands and 152 devices.

    Cost: Not Known

    Website: Mixtile Edge

    #25. Phyn Smart Water Assistant

    Phyn Smart Water Assistant is an IoT device designed to measure your water usage. This smart device can help you control your water consumption.

    Key Features

    • Phyn Smart Water Assistant is self-installable.
    • This IoT device can be attached to the cold and hot water lines below your sink.
    • It can detect a range of leaks and several other unusual usages.
    • When it detects any issue, it sends a real-time alert to the user.

    Cost: US $299

    Website: Phyn Smart Water Assistant


    Here you got the entire list of IoT devices that are ground-breaking and can be used in your daily life.

    The IoT devices have the potential of saving a lot of time from your on-the-go schedule through automation.

    You get the luxury of controlling almost everything from your mobile phone. What more can we ask for?

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