What is Documentation Testing in Software Testing

Poor documentation can affect the quality of the product. Good product documentation plays a critical role in the final product. So documentation testing has a vital role in Software Testing.

Documentation Testing

What is Documentation Testing?

Testing the documented artifacts that are developed prior, during and after the testing of a product is known as documentation testing. It is a non-functional type of software testing.

We know that defects found in testing phase were more costly than if they were found during the requirement phase. The cost of fixing a bug increase exponentially the later you find it. So documentation testing can start right from the beginning of the software development process to save a large amount of money.

Documentation testing includes checking of spellings and grammar in the documents using available tools and reviewing the documents manually to find errors, ambiguities or inconsistencies in the documented artifacts.

Some commonly used artifacts are as follows

  1. Requirement documents
  2. Test Plan
  3. Test Cases
  4. Traceability Matrix (RTM)

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