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Arrays VBScript:

Arrays are two types – Static Array & Dynamic Array


Array is a collection of data with different types of data type.


Where, “ArrayName” is the unique name for the array and “size” is a numeric value that indicates the number of elements in the array dimension within the array.


It stores 4 values. The array always starts from 0.

Assigning values to the array:

There are two types of arrays: 1. Static Array, 2. Dynamic Array.

Static Array:

It has a specific number of elements. Once assigned, size of a static array can’t be modified at runtime.

Dynamic Array:

Size of a dynamic array can be modified at runtime.

Lower Bound & Upper Bound of Array:

Size of the Array:

Another way to assigning Array:




It recreates the array and erases all the old data


Preserve should be used along with redim. It will retain the old data.



Some Examples:

Without Preserve

With Preserve

Redim Preserve with Multi-Dimensional Array

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