• How You Can Learn Java on Your Own and Where to Start?

    Learn Java On Your Own

    Did you know more than one billion computers and three billion mobile phones all around the globe run Java? Java is a very important language when it comes to programming and is an ideal course to learn. It is used nearly everywhere due to its flexibility because once you learn Java you should know that soon you are going to make very good money and finding a job will no longer be a problem for you. All you need is dedication and the right approach to comprehend this new language. So if you are searching about how to learn Java, then here are some of the best ways that can help you achieve your goal.

    Step 1: Choose an Appropriate Training Program

    All those heavy textbooks that promise you to become an expert in no time are nothing but a waste of time. The only thing that will help you is a constant practice. For practicing there are many reputable tools that can assist you. One of them is IntelliJ IDEA, where you can do some tests, jot down codes, and share them with some experts to know about your progress. You can also consider using training programs that are specially designed for newbies developers. Here are some of the best places where you can learn Java:

    #1. CodeGym



    CodeGym is one of the finest platforms that comprises more than 1200 assignments. Every Java topic is taught from the scratch in detailed steps. After taking lessons you can do a task and let the online validator examine it after completing it. The online validator will display your result along with your progress.

    #2. CodeChef



    Comprehend Java, C++, and other languages with the help of CodeChef. Here you can collect and enter the code, run tests and play games, and talk about your progress with experts.

    #3. CodinGame


    Beginner or an expert, CodinGame has everything for everyone. From long games to short 5 minutes games; here you will find puzzles, challenges, and many other exciting tasks to learn Java.

    Step 2: Search for a Project That Fascinates You

    It is human nature that when an individual finds something interesting, he does not only love working on it but he learns a lot during the creation of that project without getting bored. That’s why you should search for a task that fascinates you. The field is very vast, therefore, you can choose to make a game like Angry Birds, a management system, any kind of currency converter, or any other application. Choose anything that interests you.

    Step 3: Say No to Breaks!

    Every day is a working day. Say Goodbye to breaks. You must study regularly and avoid taking a day off. As the human brain tends to forget things, especially the ones you have learned recently, and requires individuals to refresh the memory when they resume studying. This refreshing memory can take a lot of your time and can slow down your progress speed drastically. To learn quickly and efficiently make it your habit to dedicate a few hours of your day to studying Java. It is the key to success to understand Java in the best possible manner.

    Step 4: Share Your Knowledge With Others

    Sharing knowledge does not only help others but also helps you to imprint that knowledge in your brain in a much better way. Our brain works this way; it gets a better insight into things by explaining new things to others. Also at times, beginners ask questions that are quite technical and may help you in learning something new. Plus, as we all know sharing your knowledge will help beginners and students a lot. Many reputable forums like Quora, Reddit, and Stack Overflow are full of questions asked by newbies, you can consider answering them.

    Step 5: Write Down Code on a Piece of Paper

    Take out your pen and paper and start writing code on the piece of paper. It may recall your old times when you used to learn spellings this way. But this technique is the best way to develop problem-solving skills. Moreover, in interviews, you might be asked to write down code, therefore, creating code by pen on paper will help you to show off your skills.

    Wrap Up:

    Java is a language that has gained immense fame due to its versatility. You will find this language being used everywhere from printers to Android OS. It is also claimed by experts that anyone who knows Java will never be jobless and will earn a lot. Due to such benefits and importance, if you are planning to learn Java then you must know that to learn anything you need dedication and interest. All you need to do is search for an interesting project that you can start working on, use training programs, practice regularly, share whatever you have learned so far on reputable forums, and write code by hand on a piece of paper. These five tips will help you to successfully comprehend Java and make the most out of it.

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