Agile Vs. DevOps: Everything You Need To Know

Agile Vs DevOps

In the previous article, we learned the difference between QAOPs and DevOps, and in today’s article, we are going to learn the difference between Agile vs DevOps and also the following

Both Agile and DevOps are Software Development Methodologies that aims to release software product as quickly and efficiently as possible. Over the past few years, most companies are adopting these two processes to help in shortening the software life cycle and also to improve the quality of released software products.

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What is Agile?


Agile is an alternative approach to traditional waterfall methodology which emphasizing continuous learning, continuous planning, continuous delivery, team collaboration.
Agile gives the ability to accept change requirements to align development with customer needs. Here, software testing is an inevitable part of the development process.

Learn more about Agile Methodology here and also go through our guide on how to succeed as Agile QA in Software Development.

What is DevOps?



DevOps is a combination of development (Dev) and operations (Ops) used to shorten the systems development life cycle and to manage end to end processes which emphasizing communication, integration, and collaboration.

It promotes a fully automated CI/CD (Continuous integration & Continuous deployment) pipeline to enable quick and frequent releases.

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Difference between Agile and DevOps?

Here we are going to present the difference between DevOps and Agile in detail.

Agile focuses on collaboration, small releases and customer feedback.DevOps focuses on bringing development and operations team together.
Agile is developed for faster productions and immediate delivery.DevOps is developed for faster productions and immediate delivery.
Agile usually breaks big modules into smaller one to achieve the goal.DevOps combines tools and cultural practices to provide faster delivery.
Agile focuses constant change. It addresses the gap between customer need, development and testing teams.DevOps focuses on constant testing and delivery. It address the gap between development, testing and operations.
Each team member should be able to what’s required for the progress of the project. All the team members should have equal skill set in Agile.Development teams and operational teams are different in DevOps. Different teams have different skill set in DevOps.
Agile teams are usually smaller in size. Agile teams move faster with fewer people with minimum complexities.DevOps believes that bigger is better. Many teams work together in DevOps.
It believes in constant feedback and daily team meetings to make the teams more productive and efficient.It follows modern documentation approach to communicate with all the team members rather than conducting daily meetings.
Agile takes an iterative approach to Software Development.DevOps targets end-to-end business solution.
Agile doesn’t believe in automation.Automation is at the core of DevOps. Automate almost everything.
Its goal is to address the gap between customer needs and development & test teams.Its goal is to address the gap between Dev (development and testing) and Ops (Operations).
Some of the tools used widely are JIRA, Kanboard, Bugzilla.Some of the tools used widely are Puppet, Ansible, Chef, AWS, TeamCity OpenStack.
Agility in development only.Agility in both development and operations.
Involves in Agile Scrum, Agile Kanban etc.,Involves in Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Development (CD), Continuous Testing (CT), etc.,
Priority goes to timeliness.Priority goes to both timeliness and quality.
It helps in managing complex projects.It helps in managing end to end engineering processes.
It allows constant changes.It allows constant testing and delivery.
The focus is on functional & non-functional readiness.The focus is on operational & business readiness.
It supports shift left principles.Its supports both shift left and shift right principles.
The target areas of Agile are quick delivery and end to end business solution.The target area of DevOps is Software development.
Agile teams are cross functional.DevOps has separate development and operational teams and cannot be cross-functional.
Easy communication due to daily scrum meetings. Communication is complex compared to Agile.

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