SDET Interview Questions And Answers

SDET Interview Questions

In this article, we have covered SDET Interview Questions & Answers that help you in your next Software Development Engineer in Test Interview.

Software Development Engineer in Test Interview Questions

Software Development Engineer in Test is also known as Software Design Engineer in Test.
SDET’s play a key role in sectors like advertising, entertainment, financial, gaming, IT, hospitality, etc., and focus on the development, testability, robustness, and performance of the software.

In SDET interviews, recruiters look for someone who can involve in both software development as well as testing. So you need to have good knowledge of Software Testing, programming languages, analytical skills, and communication skills.

Check this post to learn more about what is SDET, Roles & Responsibilities, Salary structure

QA & Testing Related Questions

What is the difference between SDET & Software Testers?

Test EngineerSDET
Test Engineer thinks only in the terms of pass or fail of a test case and how to break the softwareSDET knows system functional objectives as well as quality objectives
Test Engineer works only for test life cycle, like design of test cases, and executionSDET is involved in Designing, development, and testing
No coding knowledge is requiredDynamic skill sets, like knowledge of quality and testing and good in coding too
Test Engineers know where repetitive work or simple data entry is present but they are not expected to minimize the repetitive tasksSDET understands automation needs, they can code and provide a solution to the team where repetitive kind of work is killing the time. They can design framework which can help testing team to reduce repetitive test cycle or simple data entry task.
Test Engineers are not expected to reach up to code level and tune the performanceWell aware of Performance tuning and security threats , they can suggest and reach to the code and suggest where application is poor in performance, plus they can optimize the code

What are the differences between Priority & Severity?

bug severity and priority infographic

What is Adhoc Testing?

Ad-hoc testing is quite opposite to the formal testing. It is an informal testing type. In Adhoc testing, testers randomly test the application without following any documents and test design techniques. This testing is primarily performed if the knowledge of testers in the application under test is very high. Testers randomly test the application without any test cases or any business requirement document.

What is Exploratory Testing?

Usually, this process will be carried out by domain experts. They perform testing just by exploring the functionalities of the application without having the knowledge of the requirements.

What is A/B Testing?

A/B testing is a method to compare two versions of an application against each other to determine which one performs better.

What is Fuzz Testing?

Fuzz testing is used to identify coding errors and security loopholes in an application. By inputting a massive amounts of random data to the system in an attempt to make it crash to identify if anything breaks in the application.

What are the principles of Software Testing?

  1. Testing shows the presence of defects
  2. Exhaustive testing is impossible
  3. Early testing
  4. Defect clustering
  5. Pesticide Paradox
  6. Testing is context depending
  7. Absence of error fallacy

Click here for more details.

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SDET Coding Interview Questions

Explain Java Main Method?

Syntax of the main method is as follows

Note: public static void main(string[] args) can also be written as public static void main(String args[]). Don’t get confused.

Each word has its purpose. Check this link for detailed explanation.

How To Reverse A String in Java

In this post, we will see different ways to reverse a string in Java. We can reverse a String in Java using the following ways.

  • Using StringBuffer Class
  • Using StringBuilder Class
  • Using Array List
  • Convert String into Character Array and use For loop

Check this post to see different ways to reverse a string.

Difference between Arrays & ArrayList in Java?

Array is staticArrayList is dynamic
Size of the array should be given at the time of array declaration. We cannot change the size of array after creating itSize of the array may not be required. It changest the size dynamically. Capacity of ArrayList increases automatically whenever we add elements to an ArrayList
Array can contain both primitive data types as well as objectsArrayList cannot contain primitive data types. It contains only objects
Arrays are multidimensionalArrayList is always single dimension

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Automation Framework Interview Questions

Why is Automation Testing required?

  • It is required when we have a huge amount of regression test cases.
  • It is required to save time & money
  • It is required to increase the test coverage
  • It is required to run tests anywhere & anytime
  • It is required to generate robust reports
  • It is required to test non-functional aspects of an application
  • It is required when we run tests with multiple sets of data
  • It is required when testing manually is impossible
  • It is required to test on several different hardware or software platforms and configurations

How do you select an automation tool?
Selecting an automation tool is essential for test automation. There are a lot of automation testing tools on the market. Some of the factors involved in selecting an automation tool are as follows.

  • Supports for your platforms and technology
  • Ease of use, setup, and accessibility
  • Good debugging facility
  • Type of support available for the tools like documentation, tutorials, training etc.,
  • Cost and budget
  • CI, DevOps support
  • Good reporting system

Here are some best automation testing tools.

What are the advantages of the Automation framework?
The advantage of Test Automation framework

  • Reusability of code
  • Maximum coverage
  • Recovery scenario
  • Low-cost maintenance
  • Minimal manual intervention
  • Easy Reporting

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To succeed in an SDET job interview, you need to get ready with both programming and testing related stuff. 

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