• Python Multiline String

    Python Multiline String

    In this article, we will see various ways of creating “Python Multiline Strings”. It will help you in implementing this concept and get a tight grip over this. 

    Imagine you have a very long string that needs to be used in your program. Keeping all the text in a single line makes it difficult to read and looks clumsy. It gives better readability if you write it into multiple lines. Multiline String in python helps you to overcome this. 

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    Multiline String in Python:

    Multiline String in Python

    You can assign a multiline string to a variable in the following ways:

    We have a long string as follows

    1. By using three double quotes:

    Python multiline string begins and ends with either three single quotes or three double-quotes.

    Open the file editor and write the following


    Save the program and run it. 


    2. By using three single quotes:



    Incase the String doesn’t have newline characters, we have to implement it in other ways to write in multiple lines. 

    Note: Using three single quotes or three double quotes, the escape characters such as newline (\n), tab space (\t) become a part of the string.

    3. Using Brackets

    Using brackets we can split a string into multiple lines.



    4. Using Backslash

    Using backslash we can split a string into multiple lines in Python. In Python, backslash works as a line continuation character. We use it to join text which is separate lines. 



    5. Multiline String creation using join()

    Using string join() function, we can split a string into multiple lines. The advantage of using join() function in python over brackets or backslash way is there is no need to worry about the spaces or double spaces. 




    • Python Multiline String gives better readability.
    • Three single quotes, three double quotes, brackets, and backslash can be used to create multiline strings. Whereas the user needs to mention the use of spaces between the strings.
    • If the multiline string in python is created using three single or three double quotes then the escape characters such as newline (\n), tab space (\t) become a part of the string.
    • String.join() function is also used to create multiline strings whereas there is no need to bother about spaces or double spaces between the strings.

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