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Welcome to your Java Quiz. This quiz consists of 25 multiple-choice questions. There is no negative marking in this. Click on NEXT button to Start this Java Quiz.

1. An object could be
2. Which of the following is not a Java keyword
3. The class whose properties are inherited are is known as
i. Sub class
ii. Super class
iii. Base class
4. Static methods cannot be accessed directly from the class level
5. Can you save the java source file without any name (say ".java")?
6. If you want your condition to depend upon 2 conditions both being true, what is the proper notation to put between the two Boolean statements
7. Runtime polymorphism can be achieved by data members
8. Can you compare between the boolean and int primitive data types?
9. An object which has no referrence is known as annonymous object
10. Which statement is correct
11. Choose the appropriate data type for this value 9.9
12. Which of the following is not a part of OOPs
13. What is the size of a char in Java
14. What are the two common characteristics shared by all objects in Java?
15. Java keywords are written in lowercase as well as upper case
16. Java runs on which platform
17. An object that has more than one form is referred to as
18. What is the correct syntax for java main method?
19. Can we have any number of classes in a Java source file
20. Annonymous object can be used at the time of object creation only
21. Data hiding is also known as
22. When a class is based on another class, it inherits
23. Who is known as the founder of Java
24. The class which inherits the properties of other is known as
i. Super class
ii. Sub class
iii. Derived class
25. What is the default value of the local variables?

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