Webinar: Should You Combine Functional And Performance Testing

Free Webinar: Should you Combine Functional and Performance Testing

Time: Fri, Feb 17, 2017 1:00 AM – 2:00 AM WIB

Organized by: Zenergy Technologies

Common industry software testing practices separate performance testing, functional test automation, and manual testing procedures. Typically, different teams with alternate skills and expertise perform their respective testing at staggered times with limited cross-team collaboration. Varied types of testing are often conducted in Silos with different sets of defined goals. Rarely do we combine our efforts together in a meaningful way to achieve optimal, streamlined results. Doing these practices sequentially elongates the test schedule, actionable feedback loops and ultimately, time to market. By doing multiple practices in tandem, we can shorten testing cycle times and uncover potential defects sooner. Is it possible to verify performance test results for functional correctness or validate functional correctness under load concurrently?

This presentation will explore three techniques to achieve optimal combinatorial test results:
1. Conceptual framework design patterns
2. Common modeling techniques for systems (functional and load)
3. Methodology for combining both aspects including tool usage

Key Concepts
The following concepts will be covered as a part of this presentation:
● Specific framework design patterns that lend themselves to efficient combination testing
● Effective techniques designed to deliver optimal results
● Using appropriate tools such as JMeter and WebDriver to facilitate testing
● Benefits of combining varied types of testing

Additional Description
Most organizations start with developing a myriad of manual test cases to verify the functionality of a system under test. Automating a portion of the manual tests to carry out smoke and regression testing is usually the next common practice. Once the system has undergone a rigorous testing cycle, the system is handed over to performance engineers to write protocol-based scripts, design load profiles, orchestrate scenarios and report findings.

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Should You Combine Functional And Performance Testing

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