Best Automation Testing Tools for 2020 (Top 10 reviews) | Software Testing Material

Best Automation Testing Tools

Best Automation Testing Tools for 2020 In this post, we will see the Best Automation Testing Tools for 2020. Software development practices change over time, so do the tools and technologies. Such changes aim to improve productivity, quality, customer satisfaction, to tackle ever-shorter delivery time, and to deliver successful products and services. Software testing obviously … Read more

Best Automation Testing Tools

How to setup the integration between Katalon Studio and GIT

Collaboration can be a challenge for automation teams, especially when they work on both manual and automated testing activities and share many test artifacts simultaneously with development teams. Katalon Studio supports integration with Git to help addressing this concern. This tutorial details basic steps to set-up integration with Git from Katalon Studio. Steps to enable … Read more

Top 3 Selenium IDE Alternatives for Firefox And Chrome

Selenkium IDE Alternatives

Selenium IDE Alternatives for Firefox & Chrome Dear Selenium IDE’s users, It was a bad news for the tester community since Selenium IDE no long works from Firefox 55 onwards. Selenium IDE is one of the most widely used automated testing tools ever, this stop, therefore, raises a high demand in looking for other Selenium IDE alternatives. Below are … Read more

Selenkium IDE Alternatives

How to Setup the Integration with Jenkins and other CI tools

Integration with Jenkins and other CI tools Katalon Studio supports console mode execution which can be utilized for integration with popular CI tools such as Jenkins and TeamCity. This tutorial shows you the basic steps to setup integration with a Jenkins server for scheduling Katalon execution. Prerequisites Here are the requirements to be prepared for Jenkins integration: 1. The … Read more

How to Integrate Katalon with Kobiton

Integrate Katalon With Kobiton Mobile app cloud-based devices can be a good option for mobile testing teams that have limited access to real devices. Kobiton is a powerful mobile device platform offers real mobile devices for both testers and developers. Using Katalon Studio, you can easily execute automated tests on Kobiton’s devices, thanks to the … Read more