Integration Testing – Big Bang, Top Down, Bottom Up & Hybrid Integration

Every software application contains multiple modules that converse with each other through an interface. Integrating these individual software modules and testing them together is known as Software Integration Testing. It is an extension to Unit testing. In this tutorial, we are going to see the following. 1. What is Integration Testing 2. Objectives of integration … Read more

Selenium WebDriver Architecture | Software Testing Material

Selenium WebDriver Architecture

Selenium WebDriver Architecture In this post, we see Selenium WebDriver Architecture in detail. Architecture of Selenium WebDriver is all about how Selenium works internally. We know Selenium is a browser automation tool which interacts with browser and automate end to end tests of a web application. Don’t Miss: Selenium Tutorial – Learn Step By Step … Read more

Test Scenarios Login Page [How To Write Test Scenarios of a Login Page] | SoftwareTestingMaterial

Test Scenarios Login Page

Test Scenarios Login Page In any application, logging in is the process to access an application by an individual who has valid user credentials. Logging in is usually used to enter a specific page, which trespassers cannot see. In this post, we will see “Test Scenarios Login Page”. Testing of the Login page is very … Read more